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Content Map

Dave Smith August 18, 2023

Have you ever felt like you didn’t know what content to create? Or if you didn’t know if it was working? These challenges are solved by having a clear Customer Journey, which you’ve already done. However, what if you want to create ongoing marketing content? How do you ensure that it effectively guides your audience through your Customer Journey? This is what you will do with your Content Map, which will ensure your content will always be working for you.

In the attached worksheet, brainstorm all of the experiences, epiphanies and realizations that will help your Aligned Customer move from where they are now, to understanding your solution is best for them. With this, you’ll have endless content ideas that are relevant and effective as marketing.

On the first tab of the spreadsheet we’ve included an example filled out for the Alignment Engine. This should help give you reference of how to fill this worksheet out. We’ve also commented on some cells at the top of the spreadsheet for further explanation (just click on the cell and the comment should show).

Complete the worksheet and move on when ready: