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We’re changing how the world manifests. The biggest reason we struggle to manifest our goals is we don’t have the right approach. Through self-optimization, personalized frameworks, accountability, support, and gamification, we accelerate your goal achievement and self-actualization by 500% or more.

The Reality Hacker Protocol is a mixture of structure, support and self-optimization. It’s designed to accelerate your growth and achievement through leveraging neuroscience and bio-hacking for sustained flow state and momentum.

Manifesting Mastery

Our manifestation mastery protocol features just two steps—you begin with our beginner/intermediate course, Bending Reality, then graduate to our advanced course, I Am Experience. This protocol is designed to unlock your infinite potential and mastery step by step, so you are finally able to manifest your dreams with precision and certainty.


Our self-optimization tools help you eliminate blockages and awaken infinite potential in your mind, body and spirit. 

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Reality Hacker is a thriving community of individuals passionate about spiritual growth, manifestation and transforming humanity.

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Your true nature is beyond the mind and body, which means it is also beyond technique. When you learn to embody this transcendent nature, you transcend any need for repetitive technique. Affirmations, visualization, and rote repetition become obsolete, as you embody the essence of life itself, the source of the universe and existence. This is the most direct and effortless path to awakening your greatest life vision.


How would you live if you had

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