How Points Work

The Reality Hacker Social Network and platform is gamified, meaning you earn points and rewards as you participate and complete specific actions. This is designed to help you stay committed and consistent in your growth, motivating you and the community to achieve greater and greater heights. Here’s how the gamification system works:


Points are displayed on your profile as XP (experience points). Points are rewarded for specific actions to encourage users to produce quality content, interact with other members in our community, and overall stay consistent in their growth and wellbeing. Below is a list of the actions that earn points (check back often as this list is growing):

  • Registering for the Social Network = 10 XP
  • Visiting the Reality Hacker site or social network = 1 XP per day
  • When another member likes your post or comment = 1 XP per like
  • Inviting someone to the Social Network via email = 1 XP per invite (invites are located on your profile under the Email Invites tab)
  • Completing a lesson in a course = 10 XP


As you gain XP, you level up. Your rank is shown next to your profile image through the network. Rank list coming soon.


Rewards, discounts, perks and more are earned as you level up through points and ranks. Here is the rewards list:

LevelPoints RequiredReward
1500Reality Hacker limited edition sticker – not available to purchase
21,000$10 store cash credit
31,500Free month of All-Access Membership ($50 value)
42,000Personalized Manifesting Plan based on your unique goals ($100)
53,000Reality Hacker limited edition journal – not available to purchase
65,0003 free months of All-Access Membership ($150 value)
77,50030 minute one-on-one coaching call with Reality Hacker coach ($200 value)
810,000$100 store cash credit
915,00012 free months of All-Access Membership ($600 value)
1020,000VIP access and private founder dinner at a Reality Hacker retreat