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A Perspective Shift

Dave Smith August 18, 2023

Before we get into the tangibles of Phase 4, we want to review a key perspective shift that will ensure you build your marketing in a way that is aligned and full of flow.

Most entrepreneurs begin their marketing each day from the perspective of: “How can I get more customers?”

The challenge with this approach is that it begins in lack. When you begin in lack, then the thoughts, beliefs and actions that follow are based on chasing and forcing. Lack results in survival-based effort.

The shift we want you to make is to this:

“How can I make it easier for customers to work with me?”
“How can I allow more customers into my business?”
“How can I surrender to more customers discovering me?”

This is a key perspective shift because it affects both your energy and your infrastructure. 

Energetically, you come from a place of calling your soul customers into your business. By surrender, you create a void for the universe to fill. 

When it comes to infrastructure, you structure your business in a way that makes it easy for your customers to enter your business and get the results they came for. You naturally find yourself putting the pieces in place that streamline their journey. You set yourself up for scale (handling growth). And as a byproduct, your energy is more relaxed and tuned to surrender because deep down you know that whatever growth occurs, you’ll be prepared.

As you’re performing the meditation included in this phase, focus your energy on allowing and surrender. As you practice stepping into and embodying your vision, let the “how” be taken care of—by surrendering it to consciousness, it is not your personal responsibility, it will unfold with ease and divine timing.

Notice when you find yourself shifting into “how do I get more customers”. It can be sneaky, especially when you’re passionate about turning your vision into reality. The more you allow, the easier and more efficient the process becomes.

The remainder of this course will be focused on infrastructure, making it easy for your customers to work with you, in a way that is automated and streamlined. But never forget—energy always comes first. The origin of outcomes is your state of consciousness. So remember to make it a daily routine to get yourself into the consciousness of your vision (as a “now” reality). The importance of this cannot be overstated!