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Giving Your Content Gravity

Dave Smith August 18, 2023

In this lesson I’d like to walk you through some secret weapons of content creation that will supercharge the power and impact of your content. Implement these, and you’ll create content that has gravitational pull, magnetizing your audience toward you. So let’s jump right in!

Secret #1: Intention

Here’s how to immediately create a strong gravitational pull to your content—ALWAYS begin with intention. 

When most people sit down to create a piece of content, they rack their brain trying to come up with a subject to write about. When they finally squeeze something out, it’s weak and non-directional—there are words, but it lacks feeling. And therefore, no one wants to consume it…

This is because their content lacks intention. 

Here’s how to instantly create magnetic content—before beginning a new piece of content, set the Two Pillars of Gravitational Intention:

  1. Know what you want to awaken in your audience: feeling, mood, message, belief
  2. Know what you want their next step to be: can be direct (you end the content by telling them their next step), or indirect (you create curiosity so they seek more out)

Do you want your audience to feel empowered? Do you want them to shift a particular belief? Do you want them to notice something different about their world view? This is deliberately choosing what you want to awaken in them.

Then, what should their next step be? To see you more as an authority, so they want to consume more of your content? To feel closer to you, so that they want to reach out? To sign up for your email list? To download your lead magnet? To finally sign up with you? If you don’t want your content to dead-end, you MUST know what you want their next step to be.

Write down the two intentions above. Then ask yourself, How would it feel if I already created a piece of content that achieves these, and gets a ton of engagement and response?

What you’ll find is a sense of relief, and perhaps a little excitement. Capture this feeling and write from it. What you’ll find is this practice initiates and effortless flow of inspired ideas.

What you’re doing is programming your “creative center” with a powerful energy of intention. It’s like filling your tank with gas. By consciously leveraging intention before ANY action, you automatically create powerful, gravitational and magnetic content, relationships and authority.

Try an experiment—cruise through your Facebook feed with the intention of noticing the energy of different posts. Notice the posts you feel compelled to scroll past—stop, and just look at the words, while noticing the feeling of the post. It feels pretty flat, doesn’t it?

Now, notice a post you really feel pulled to. Stop, look at the words, even a little through the words. How does this post feel? Without reading, does it activate something within you?

When you do this exercise, what you’ll notice is that content has an energy—an intention—that transcends the words themselves. We subconsciously transfer or move energy through our content, based on the intention that originated it. The content that you feel a pull toward, is the content that is in energetic alignment with your own intentions. That is what you can create with your audience, just by starting with the Two Pillars of Gravitational Intention.

Here’s a scientifically-proven secret: People conform to the emotions you embody. Use this fact as a secret weapon of ethical persuasion, where you awaken empowering emotions in your audience through embodying them as you’re creating the content. The energy and intention you embody while creating a piece content, is the energy and intention you awaken in your audience as they consume it.

This secret alone will cause you to stand out and galvanize a powerful tribe with every action you take.

Secret #2: Prose

Secret #2 is another easy fix that will instantly differentiate your content and add irresistible gravity. 

Again, this is a difference you can notice between the content that doesn’t pull you in, and the content that does. Follow along with this secret, and then start paying attention to the written content you find yourself reading, and how it impacts you as you read.

Here’s a definition of prose:

Prose is a form of language that exhibits a natural flow of speech and grammatical structure. It’s distinguished by its greater irregularity and variety of rhythm and its closer correspondence to the patterns of everyday speech.

Writing in prose—in other words, the patterns of everyday speech—allows you to engage your audience in a conversational manner. What this means in practical terms is produce content as if you’re conversing with a friend.

Studies show that when you create content that feels like it’s from a friend, it’s far more effective than an otherwise “professional” content structure. This is because in writing as if you’re writing a friend, you impart a more intimate and inviting intention and energy—you actually develop a bond and relationship far more quickly this way. It sounds paradoxical, but it’s true!

Here’s a hack: Write your content in Messenger (or any messaging app). This tricks your brain into writing conversationally, instead of falling into the tendency to write like you’re composing an essay. Conversational, and even less grammatically accurate, is surprisingly more effective. 

Another secret of prose is breaking your content up into short, punchy lines and phrases. If you look at my written style (as far as marketing content), I never write paragraphs—I double space every line, and sometimes break a sentence into two, three, even four lines.

Here’s an example:

Here’s how you master this style—as you are writing, imagine you are speaking out loud, emphasizing each sentence through rhythm. You want to write in a way that causes the reader to hear your intentional rhythm in their head.

Rhythm in speech allows you to create emphasis. Listen to the first few minutes of Martin Luther King Jr’s famous speech, I Have a Dream. Do you hear how he breaks up phrases, and sometimes even leaves space to emphasize a single word? That’s how you want to write!

Practice writing a portion of this speech, and try to create line spacing and word separation (by using … or —) so that when you read it, you imitate Mr. King’s natural language.

Master this, and you’ll be able to guide your audience on a riveting and intentional journey with every piece of content you create!

Secret #3: Curiosity

Legendary copywriter Mark Joyner says this about a secret fact of human psychology that we can leverage to create powerful, gravitational content:

“People don’t like it when things are left incomplete. It makes us feel uncomfortable. If something is unfinished, it keeps our attention until we can bring closure to it.”

This is called the Zeigarnik Effect, and here’s how you can use this to create content that literally prints money for you…

When you begin leveraging this phenomenon in your copywriting,

You’ll find something shocking.

Actually, it’s even more than that… something you’d NEVER expect to happen…

Something that…

STOP! Do you see how you’re gripping onto the end of each line, racing to the next to see what’s remaining?

This is the Zeigarnik Effect happening as you read. When I ended with “something you’d never expect to happen…” your mind couldn’t stand the cliffhanger, and so you automatically kept reading. It was compulsive.

It would actually have left you uncomfortable to stop reading!

By examining your content, and leveraging curiosity and The Zeigarnik Effect often, you’ll create content that your audience psychological cannot stop consuming!

Pair this with Secrets #1 and #2, and you can imagine the superpower you have to help your audience along the journey of becoming the person they desire to become.

Secret #4: Confidence Mirror

When you have confidence in your process, value and ability to change lives, you emit a frequency that awakens that confidence in your audience. 

This phenomenon is a different angle of viewing what we discussed earlier in this lesson: people conform to the emotions you embody.

Here’s what happens when you have utmost confidence and certainty in your Unique Advantage, Aligned Offer, Signature System and so on… you awaken the same confidence in your audience, except it’s a confidence that they have what it takes to achieve their desires. 

If you remember back to a previous lesson where we discussed your duty to take your audience on their own journey of belief shifts, confidence is a key tool to leverage in this journey. YOU having confidence gives your audience space to feel safe and confident that they can achieve their desires, and YOU are their safest and surest solution to help them do so.

So before producing any content, put yourself into an energy of full confidence. Do this by feeling you are already helping people create incredible transformation at a high level of impact and reach.

The more you embody this feeling, the more your audience will gravitate toward you and pursue the opportunity to work with you.

Secret #5: Smell-O-Vision

The final secret is what I call Smell-O-Vision. This is the ability to paint a rich and sensory picture with your words.

In the 1960’s, Smell-O-Vision was a system that released odor during the projection of a film so that the viewer could “smell” what was happening in the movie. The idea was this would create a more immersive and sensory-captivating experience.

You can do similar with your words through descriptive writing.

Instead of writing content and stories like “this happened, then that happened…”, imagine you’re writing a movie script. How does the plot of a movie advance? A movie is composed of a sequence of individual scenes that further the storyline.

When you produce content, consider how you can describe the feelings that you are conveying.

For instance, say you’re describing how you used to feel when you were struggling with your business. Instead of saying, “I was struggling to keep my business afloat,” you could paint the picture in detail…

“I remember the moment I realized, “I can’t do this anymore.” I had just arrived home from the office one night. It was a cool autumn evening, the aroma of my wife’s famous tomato soup playfully wafting through the air. As I stepped through the front door, I contemplated how I was going to break it to her… we were broke. Feeling the cold brass door knob against my fingers, I pushed the door open to see her standing innocently and unknowingly in the kitchen.”

Did you notice how you were immersed in the above scene so much that you actually felt you were experiencing this storyline for yourself?

Leveraging descriptive storytelling allows you to ethically and powerfully guide your audience toward the “sensory” experience they need to transform and evolve into the person they desire to become.

Do you see how powerful this can be? Combine these 5 secrets and practice them individually, one at a time. Then play with combining one or two. Have fun! This is content creation at its finest, and it should be fun to produce, because you are leveraging superpowers that create actually visceral and emotional experiences in your audience.

Through your content, you have the power to literally change emotions, body chemistry, beliefs… and lives!