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Monthly Points Goal & Reward

Dave Smith June 28, 2023

You may be wondering what the purpose of logging points is. Points are a powerful way to track progress, because it shows in a quantifiable way that you are accomplishing tasks daily. This triggers dopamine in your brain and keeps you motivated.

Tap into even more motivation by playing our Monthly Points Goal. This is a total points number for the month that, when you achieve it, you’ll unlock a surprise reward.

Here’s how this works. Log your points each day on the Points Submission page:

The Monthly Points Goal is 450 XP. This equals about 15 points per day, which is easily attainable if you stay consistent. You also earn points from engaging in the community, so every action you take helps.

At the end of the month we announce the players who achieved the points goal, and celebrate their success. We then send them a surprise reward for their completion of the goal.

Will you be next? It’s up to you to decide. Commitment to your manifesting practice will always pay off—and in this membership, we hope to make it pay in more ways than one. Let’s go!

This completes the Quest training. Let us know in the Discord community if you have any questions. Also check the Events Calendar to see a list of all events scheduled for the Sprint this month.