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Navigating Upper Limits

Dave Smith August 18, 2023

Growth is a process of shedding limitation. As you accelerate and scale your results, it’s typical to find yourself “putting on the brakes.” It’s vital to be aware of when this happens, and have a tool to use in order to transcend it.

If you’ve ever had cycles of success and failure, where just as things seem to be taking off they suddenly crash and burn, you’ve experienced an Upper Limit. Usually this happens because we don’t feel safe. 

Here are a few common examples:

  • After being in debt for some time, you finally find yourself debt-free—and within weeks you’re hit with an unexpected event that puts you right back into debt
  • After searching for a relationship for some time, you finally find the perfect partner—and suddenly you find yourself sabotaging the relationship so that you are once again single
  • After working relentlessly on your business for years, it finally starts taking off—and suddenly you’re overcome with so much fear and anxiety that you begin to sabotage the success you’ve worked so hard for

Upper Limits are safety mechanisms we subconsciously put in place. As we experience new heights of success, it’s natural to feel uncertain and anxious. With every new experience comes new responsibilities, and new possibilities of loss and failure. The greater you rise, the greater you might fall.

With more abundance comes a more intense flow of energy. And if you’ve lived with lack and limitation for some time, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. A new level of abundance requires a new level of normalization. 

As you begin putting your new offer and marketing out into the world, you may find yourself at an Upper Limit. Use the follow process to identify this block and quickly work through it. It will help you normalize each new level as it unfolds. With your Upper Limits in check, there is nothing stopping you.

Download the attached guide for a process we call Neutralizing.