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The Invitational Launch

Dave Smith August 18, 2023

In this lesson, we will be discussing the Invitational Launch, which is a more expanded version of the Three-Step Launch.

While the Three-Step Launch you learned is a great tool for quick validation of your offer, it takes a more informal approach. This is where the Invitational Launch comes in. The Invitational Launch is a more outward-facing and polished process, which you can use over and over again.

The Invitational Launch is extremely powerful, because it presents your offer in a way that allows you to position yourself as authentic and genuinely interested to listen and serve, while taking your audience on a psychological journey of curiosity, intrigue and desire.

The Invitational Launch is a micro-journey, where you take your audience from where they are at, to raising their hand and believing they are capable—and that you are the perfect solution—to achieve the transformation they need.

Use the Invitational Launch on social media (can be written, video or audio-based), or even in email or on your blog. While the examples shown in this lesson are posted on Facebook, this sequence works in any medium. It’s a marketing strategy that has been used for decades.

Now we’ll walk through the structure of the Invitational Launch. At the end of the lesson, you’ll receive a document that contains the full sequence of templates.

Step #1: The Demand Generator — Attract Through Intrigue & Curiosity

First, you have to create DEMAND for your offer. You do this by stirring up intrigue, curiosity and of course desire in your audience.

Without these three ingredients, there will be a lack of attention, focus, and urgency with those who might be impacted. This step is key to creating momentum.

So, before you announce any offers, start by sharing a few Results Posts, either from your own life or your clients. 

The intention here is to articulate the results you are creating for your clients (or yourself), the SAME results you will be offering with your Aligned Offer.

You can do this by showing screenshots of client conversations communicating results. If you don’t have this, share stories of past results and epiphanies you had in your own life. Or if you can, reach out to past clients and ask for a quick written testimonial.

You want to start building intrigue and curiosity that leads to your audience asking themselves, “Is this person someone that I could trust to possibly solve my problem?” This is how you create DEMAND.

What you want to leave them thinking is, “How did they make that happen? I WANT THAT!!”

Here’s a structure you can use for these post types:

  1. Element #1: Results – Start with a clear description of results. Position it as I would like to celebrate a client that is committed and seeing amazing results…
  2. Element #2: Lesson – Share a tidbit about HOW you achieved this together
  3. Element #3: Photo – Add screenshot of message or email from client, or photo of the actual client
  4. Bonus: Sneak in a mention or implication of a “secret project” to pique curiosity.

Here are some examples of this step.

This is one where I share unexpected results with my assistant. This works because it shows that my process is so powerful it works for anyone, and gives my audience a taste of what it’s like to work with me:

Here’s another way to seed curiosity and intrigue…

It’s also good to sprinkle in some content that backs up your Unique Mechanism. This can be an article on an authority site that gives evidence of why a new solution is needed (indirectly validating your Unique Mechanism). Or it can simply be a short story about an aspect of your journey.

Step #2: Dangle The Carrot

The next step revolves around a key concept in making sales EASY—you want THEM coming to YOU. If you have prospects begging to work with you, then you never really have to sell… you simply have to ENROLL.

Often, just by you sharing your Step #1 results, and sprinkling in some mentions of a “secret project” you’re working on, you’ll have people reaching out to you BEFORE you make an offer. But here’s where you really crank this up.

Basically what you’re doing in Step #2 is asking your audience if they’d like the same results as you’ve been sharing. It’s that simple!

This step is all about teasing your offer in a way that implies you’re asking for feedback (you’ll recognize this from the Three-Step Launch). This allows your audience to raise their hand and say, “Yes, that sounds interesting!” Or, they might give you feedback… either way, it’s a win. This is an opportunity to soft pitch your offer to see how people respond.

What’s cool here is you’ll get direct feedback from your audience, which you can then use to optimize your offer and messaging. Documenting this feedback allows you to keep the offer feedback loop running and optimizing.

Here’s the post structure:

  1. Element #1: I’m Curious + Audience – I’m curious about this as a new service to test for [audience]…
  2. Element #2: Offer – If I personally… [biggest desire]
  3. Element #3: Guarantee (optional) – And would guarantee you… [negate primary objection or pain]
  4. Element #4: Bonus (optional) – To make this even more interesting, what if I… [negate another objection or pain], so that you could…
  5. Element #5: Ask – Would you be interested? / What would you say?

Here’s an example:

Step #3: Agree To Sell — Confirm Their Anticipation

Let’s think about what you’ve done so far—you’ve created DEMAND through intrigue and curiosity, and you’ve dangle a carrot to see if anyone is resonating with your offer.

Hopefully, by now there are a handful of people thinking, “Yes! This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for!”

At this point, these people are WAITING—perhaps even checking your feed hourly to make sure they don’t miss your announcement—because they are HUNGRY for what you’ve been teasing.

What you’ve done is created an intense DESIRE, one that is magnetic. It has gravity. Your audience is orbiting, and impatiently waiting for you to make your upcoming announcement.

Here is where you CONFIRM your audience’s publicly or privately (if they messaged you) expressed desire, by announcing when you’ll be releasing details. This creates creates further anticipation, and injects your audience with a mounting excitement—like a movie trailer creating anticipation for the big release date!

Here’s the post structure: 

  1. Element #1: Confirmation – CONFIRMED: An opportunity to have a 7-figure entrepreneur take your business to $20k/mo in the next 90 days [Limited Availability]
  2. Element #2: Establish Context – Last week I announced a limited OPENING for my team to personal build your business to $20k/mo.
  3. Element #3: Remove Risk – Answer their objections BEFORE they make them, by stating what you help your Aligned Customer avoid – 

— NO Facebook advertising cost

— NO complicated marketing

— We teach you the framework as we build your business with you

  1. Element #4: Past Results/Social Proof – In January we sold out our first round of pilot clients and took our revenue to $20k/mo in under 30 days, while helping our clients bring in 5-figures within weeks (some of them days).
  2. Element #5: Pre-frame Value –

Meanwhile, I’ve had several dozen conversations with entrepreneurs needing the same level of help.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting DEMAND like this…

  1. Element #6: Next steps –

So, as we make space for our next round of availability, a few days ago I asked if anyone would be interested in this type of hands-on, “build your business with you” engagement.

At least 47 of you said YES (publicly and via private message)–you’d want help hitting $20k/mo in 90 days.

I want to ensure those who are interested get the details they need to move forward with this opportunity…

Let me know if that is you by commenting below.

Here’s an example:

Step #4: Open The Doors

Now that you have the RIGHT prospects eagerly waiting your announcement, practically begging you to let them in, you open your doors. 

The intention of this step is simple and direct: announce to those who are already saying YES, and enroll them by collecting the cash.

See, by now they are EXPECTING you to announce an offer, and expecting to pay for it. This takes a big burden off you because all you need to do is give them the ability to do so.

Here is the post structure:

  1. Element #1: The Headline – Who is this for? – [NOW OPEN] Coaches, Consultants, Service-Providers, or anyone offering High-Ticket Programs:
  2. Element #2: The Offer – What you are offering, posed as a question – If I offered to help you hit $20k/mo in 90 days…
  3. Element #3: Remove Risk – Answer their objections BEFORE they make them –

— WITHOUT Facebook advertising cost

— WITHOUT complicated or time-consuming marketing

— WITHOUT you doing it alone

…and WITH us teaching you the 7-figure framework as we build your business with you.

  1. Element #4: The Ask – Would you say yes?
  2. Element #5: Details – Describe in a little more details what you’ll be doing and how.
  3. Element #6: Proof And Results – How has this content changed people’s lives in the past? What are some results? Include a success story or two, and communicate how you’ll be working with them to achieve similar results.
  4. Element #6: What Makes This Special? – Talk about why this offer is so special. Why is it relevant to them now? (i.e. this has never been taught publicly before, there is no digital download that teaches this, etc.)
  5. Element #7: Availability – Communicate that spots are limited because you can only provide intimate service to a certain number of clients. This adds value and honest urgency to the offer.

Here’s an example:

Step #5: Personal Touch

As you implement this sequence, keep track of who is commenting, liking and engaging. 

Someone told me recently that someone interacting with your post is essentially them saying, “It’s ok to engage with me further.” They are opening the lines of communication by engaging with you.

So, when you launch your offer in Step #4, copy the url of the post and send it to each and every person who engaged on a previous step of this sequence. 

This is a simple courtesy reminder to ensure they know about the offer, because chances are they need it. Don’t be shy—this is your duty, since you have something that others need!

You can say something like this through direct message or comment:

“Hey, I just wanted to remind you about this because you expressed interest. I didn’t want you to miss it in case you didn’t see it!”

Click the link below to access a document with the full sequence of templates: