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The Marketing Map

Dave Smith August 18, 2023

Now that you have your Aligned Story, the next step is to determine the best way (for YOU) to communicate it, based on your personality and communication style.

Just like we discussed in the Delivery Map lesson of Phase 3, the way you communicate is unique to you. So it’s imperative you leverage this truth for your marketing as well.

Too many entrepreneurs these days are sold on marketing methods that don’t align with their Unfair Advantage. They buy into one guru system after the next, then wonder why they can’t get anything to work. They force what doesn’t feel right or authentic, which never works. It’s an approached that’s doomed before it begins.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to market, besides what’s most in alignment (or not) with you. There’s nothing you “have” to do. Seriously. Take a moment to relax into this, it’s the truth!

When you approach your marketing in an aligned way, it will flow. And this flow will be picked up by your aligned audience. It will produce results. And those results will unfold with more flow and effortless action and unfoldment than you perhaps have ever experienced before.

Our goal for the remainder of this course is to automate the Customer Journey, making it easy (with little to no effort on your part) to bring your Aligned Customer into your business. The frameworks we have built thus far, and will continue building, can be applied to any marketing modality—writing, video, audio, direct outreach, and more. And in the following worksheet you will get clear on what that is for you.

Complete the worksheet and move on when ready: