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The Three Pitfalls Of Aspiring & Struggling Entrepreneurs

Dave Smith August 18, 2023

We’re going to begin this phase by debugging and upgrading your mindset for faster and more effortless goal achievement.

We’ve found there are 3 pitfalls that hold entrepreneurs back, keeping them in an endless cycle of struggle, frustration and failure in achieving their goals. Have you ever set a goal, read it every day, taken action, yet month after month, failed to achieve it? Here’s how to go from stuck to crushing your goals with 3 hardly discussed yet absolutely vital keys to success.

The Small Dreams Paradox

The fact is, most people live—and dream—WAY too small. It’s not that they don’t have big dreams; it’s that they have small beliefs. And, as you’ve learned, since beliefs create your reality, this is a vital shift you must make in order to achieve your greatest goals and vision for your life.

If you’re only dreaming of being able to pay your bills, you’re dreaming too small—because there’s no stretching or growth built into the DNA of your dreams. Growth comes from big dreams. Impact, legacy and freedom comes from big dreams. Big dreams fuel your sense of alignment and purpose. They stretch you and pull you up to a higher sphere of reality. Big dreams bend and shape your reality.

When goal setting, people often let fear and lack of belief in themselves drive their commitments, resulting in small and comfortable goal setting. But dreaming small and comfortable will do nothing but keep you where you are at.

“People scare themselves out of even thinking about big goals, because all they associate with something big is hard work, long timelines and personal sacrifice, which raises self-doubt, fear and resistance.”
—The ONE Thing

We have been conditioned to dream small and “realistic” (realism, by the way, is subjective). We have been conditioned to focus on sacrifice, hardship and struggle-centric mantras like “no pain no gain.”

The truth is, we have a choice in what we focus on. Focus on hardship, and that is what you’ll get. Focus on self-doubt, fear and resistance, and that is what you’ll get. Or focus on lofty, exciting dreams, and how nothing is stopping you from achieving them, and—you guessed it—that is what you’ll get.

Highly successful entrepreneurs, the ones who create massive impact in the world through boldly sharing themselves with the world, choose to dream massive dreams. They stretch themselves out of their comfort zone with dreams that require growth and ingenuity. But they also know how to manage that comfort level so they don’t slow themselves down with emotional distress in the process. They know how to engineer and manage flow.

If what you dream of daily isn’t something that scares you a little, chances are you’re not dreaming big enough. Dreams are self-fulfilling prophecies. The larger you dream, the larger you achieve, because the dreams you hold in your awareness—as facts—are the contents of reality that your greater dimensional self conspires to materialize. The more you hold your greatest dreams in imagination, boldly BEING the person who’s already achieved them, the more you think, believe, act and attract in a way that effortlessly builds them into your reality.

Here’s what we want you to internalize: no dream is impossible to you.

So dream the astronomical, using your Daily Practice as the backbone of your routine, and you’ll find you’ll be pulled into an accelerated flow of growth, transformation and results.

Success as a Progressive Journey 

“Success is really nothing more than the progressive realization of a worthy ideal. This means that any person who knows what they are doing and where they are going is a success. Any person with a goal towards which they are working is a successful person.”
—Earl Nightingale

Another difference between those who struggle and those who succeed with flow and speed, boils down to a simple perspective on success. 

Most entrepreneurs who are struggling, view their desired success as a destination. “Once I achieve that number of clients, that income, that [fill in the blank], I’ll be successful…” Because of this, they struggle to achieve this meaning of success—because the destination feels so far away, causing daily paralysis of action, frustration and burnout.

This often results in mindlessly “hustling,” taking action regardless of whether it efficiently moves them closer to their ultimate goals and desires. Being busy just to be busy. Acting out of desperation. And then they wonder why they don’t see results toward their goals. The truth is, there is a better way…

What if success wasn’t the destination, but the journey?

Here’s what we want you to internalize: regardless of where you are in your journey, you are enough. You are whole and complete. You are infinite. And this fact does not change with your external results, it always stays the same.

Adopting this perspective allows you to enjoy the journey for what it is—a progressive realization of a worthy ideal. You’re able to relax into your daily work, and approach every activity and decision from a place of wholeness. And, as we discussed in Phase 1, the world reflects what we are; so showing up to your business from a place of wholeness will reflect just that.

The journey toward a goal is to be celebrated. It is through the journey that you evolve in experience, overcome limitation, and become a better and truer version of the infinite being you are.

The minute you shift your perspective to relishing the journey toward a goal, realizing no matter what happens you are enough just the way you are, is the minute you dissolve frustration of not already being there. Combine that with the daily embodiment work of shifting your identity into being the person who has already achieved your vision, and you become unstoppable. You’re no longer stuck looking for evidence of your destination, but rather enjoying the growth of each step forward. The journey then becomes an epic tale of growth and evolution. And you find that your desired freedom and impact unfolds with each step in the right direction.

By relishing the journey toward your goals from a place of enoughness, you unlock effortless momentum, flow, transformation and impact. This is the surest and most rapid path to everything you’ve ever desired to become.

The Paradox of “How”

We’ve been conditioned to obsess over how something will happen. Although it sounds paradoxical, embracing the following words will transform your life forever:

You need not know the “how.” 

In fact, obsessing over how something has to happen is highly counter-productive. Nature has a way of delivering the “how”—your only responsibility is to know what you want (your goal), Offload any sense of responsibility (the “how”), embody the identity of the version of yourself that has already achieved the goal, and allow inspired ideas and actions to drive you.

Remember: the origin of all outcomes is your internal state of consciousness. What you accept as true is what expresses into your life. By detaching yourself from the how, and entering the mental state of your goal already accomplished, you allow nature to fill in the details. You allow nature to flow.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t plan. Whenever you feel inspired, lay out a plan that feels aligned and exciting. Put it into action. Follow your bliss. But if your plan doesn’t seem to be working, don’t obsess over it—tune back in and allow your bliss to guide you. Remember, regardless of what happens, you are infinite. You are enough. And you are whole.

Continue using the Daily Practice. It is intended to help you navigate the pitfalls of getting stuck in the “how.” As you Offload and Embody, the right action and events will follow. The “how” will fill itself in. This is how you generate and maintain flow.