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Who Am I?

Michael Gustin March 24, 2023

From time immemorial, philosophers and sages have asked themselves one of the most fundamental questions we can ask—who am I? While founded in our inherent desire to understand the meaning of life, this inner pursuit is also the entryway to a flow-based, purpose-driven business.

The reason we start our journey here is that by awakening to your true nature you will inadvertently open the channel of your greatest vision. As we peel back any sense of limitation, your greatest value and purpose will naturally awaken. The result? Limitless, invigorating flow.

Let’s do a quick exercise:

When you ask yourself “who am I?”, what do you find? Your first inclination may be to answer, “Well, I am me, my name is [your name].” But if we trace your sense of self back further, what might we find?

When examined a little more closely, you will discover that your name is only a thought. When someone asks you who you are, your name comes to mind and you answer. Change the thought you identify with by name, and you change your name.

So who you truly are is not your name. In fact, you are not any thought or idea you hold. Because as quickly as these come, they go. Thoughts are temporary and changing, so they cannot be who you truly are. And so we continue.

Asked again, you might look down at your body. “Yes, that’s it, I am a human in this body.” Ok, let’s dissect this a bit. You are observing your body, correct? You look down, observe this body you are wearing, and say, “yes, that’s me!” Not so fast—if you are the one observing your body, then what part of you is observing? Must you be something other than your body?

At this point it’s easy to write this off as the “you” that is aware and observing is a consciousness that is produced by the brain, which only survives as long as your body is alive. But is this really the case? We have thousands (if not millions) of documented cases of near death experiences, out of body experiences, astral travel, and more, where experience continues when disconnected from the body. There’s something going on in our innate being that is beyond the body.

Where does that leave us? You are not your name, you are not the thoughts you hold, you are not your body. What’s remaining? Consciousness.

Your true nature is pure, boundless, infinite consciousness.

Download the meditation below for a hands-on experience in your pure consciousness nature (we call this meditation ‘The Void’). This audio will be a powerful tool as we move through the 5-day Challenge.

🎧 Listen to audio download at the end of this lesson, then read on.

As you’ve now experienced, who and what you truly are is the blank canvas, the pure awareness, of consciousness. Prior to thought, prior to the body, in and between everything, you are the very essence of life. You are pure potential, limited only by what you can imagine yourself to be. 

Discovering this allows you to break free from all pre-conceived notions of who you are, and masterfully craft your own ultimate identity. It allows you to craft your exact vision, and breath it into reality. It allows you to navigate the twists and turns of business growth, always remaining centered, at peace, and in flow.

As we advance through this course, we want you to keep going back to this truth. We will give you pointers and reminders along the way, but feel free to explore this aspect of yourself in a deeper way. Meditate on your boundlessness. Experiment with how different your life is when you approach it not as the limited human, but as the infinite being you are.

You are infinite!