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Your Aligned Social Profiles

Dave Smith August 18, 2023

Note: While having a social presence isn’t required (it’s all about alignment!), it is recommended. Many successful businesses do not have social profiles. Skip for now if you’d like to focus on a different approach.

If you do decide to leverage social media, you will want to ensure your social profiles are now speaking to your Aligned Customer and Aligned Offer, as well as inviting them into your Customer Journey. This is how you make your social profiles work for you in an automated and effortless way.

Many business owners make the mistake of making it difficult for their prospects to learn more, take the next step, or even know what they do! Every social profile you use for your business should have a clear offer and call to action, and even speak a bit to your Unique Advantage, philosophy and values.

You don’t have to set up every social media platform for your business. You can choose whichever platform is most aligned with your marketing method. In this lesson we’ll walk through a basic social profile template that you can apply to your chosen platform

Social Profile Template

Many business owners use their personal profile to display their offer. This is because Facebook gives more exposure and reach to personal profiles. You should definitely have a business profile, but consider using your personal profile as well. It’s up to you.

The core components of your profile are your cover image and the statement underneath your name. 

Your cover image should clearly state what results you help your customers achieve, then invite them to take the next step. It should be well-branded. And it can also include some social proof (like the example).

Your statement should be a short version of your offer (like the headline on your website), along with a button that says something like “click to learn how.”

Here’s an example:

Once you’ve added your cover image, click the image to open it, then edit the post text so it includes your offer. This turns your profile into a funnel, and is a super powerful way to put client attraction on autopilot.

Here’s a structure for the post:

Element #1: Your Aligned Offer

Element #2: Call to action for next step (either to schedule call or fill out your qualification form, or go to the sales page for your offer—which we walk you through in Phase 5)

Element #3: Learn more link to your website, for prospects who want to learn more before taking the next step

Here’s an example: