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Your Unique Mechanism

Dave Smith August 18, 2023

In just about all uber-successful products, services, or even movements, you’ll find a Unique Mechanism. Why? Because this is what makes them stand apart!

A Unique Mechanism is something only you offer. From the standpoint of your past self, it’s the thing you figured out that enabled you to finally break through and solve your pain or problem. Additionally, it’s a combination of your personality, strengths, values and vision. It’s your Unique Advantage, expressed in a clear and purposeful way.

Let’s look at a few real-world examples:

  • The “secret” behind why P90X3 works is called “Muscle Acceleration”, which is system of training that maximizes the results you can get with just 30 minutes of training since those first 30 minutes lead to the greatest results. Muscle Acceleration is the Unique Mechanism because you can only get it with P90X3.
  • A company called Four Sigmatic offers coffee with a mushroom additive, which is the “secret” ingredient that turns any coffee into a “crash-free” beverage. Their mushroom additive is the Unique Mechanism because you can only get it with Four Sigmatic.
  • Adidas has a line of shoes called Ultraboost, which is a “technology” that claims to offer an energy return like no other shoe (more bounce in your step). Ultraboost is the Unique Mechanism because you can only get it with Adidas.

These are all examples of Unique Mechanisms, because they offered a new way for people to achieve something they desired. And the reason why these are so powerful is because there was only one way to get it—by purchasing the product or joining the movement.

Your Unique Mechanism is what you’re offering that is different from what your audience (as well as others in your industry) are currently doing. It presents a new, one-of-a-kind way to achieve a desired result, without experiencing a certain set of pains or frustrations to get there.

Said another way: Your Unique Mechanism is the ingredient in your process (Signature System) that is unique to you, that empowers your process in a unique way, solving a pain point in the market in a way no one else does.

For Alignment Engine, our Unique Mechanism is Total Alignment (alignment of all aspects of your life and business). We say that any struggles are because you are not in Total Alignment. We deposition against others in our industry by pointing out that their solutions are not designed to be in alignment with you, which is why they most often don’t work. Alignment is our unique ingredient. Therefore, the only way to get Total Alignment is through us.

In the following worksheet you will be guided in discovering your Unique Mechanism. This will be the foundation upon which you will build your Customer Journey.

Complete the worksheet and move on when ready: