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Choose Your Next Step

Let’s quickly return to The Path, so you can see where you are in the journey and choose the next step of your awakening.

1  Download the Reality Hacker Toolkit  Complete!
The first step in your Reality Hacker training is to download our free Toolkit. This will give you an overview of our approach and manifesto, along with a digital copy of our book Unified: Unlocking The Effortless Way.

2  Join the Social Network  Complete!
Next you will join the Social Network, a gamified community where Reality Hackers, spiritual seekers, consciousness explorers, and manifesting warriors come together to grow, prosper, and change the world.

3  Take the 7-Day Challenge  Complete!
In the Social Network you’ll earn your first rank of Reality Hacker, through our free Reality Hacker Basic Training. This is a 7-day challenge that puts our manifesto into practice and awakens the Reality Hacker within. Here you’ll begin to see real transformation in your manifesting abilities, as your life starts to change.

You’ve now completed Reality Hacker Basic Training, and are ready to begin activating the Zero Density State. As discussed in the previous lesson, this is accomplished by releasing density in the mind, body and spirit—what we call the Trifecta.

All three components of the Trifecta overlap, and so you can select any of the three as your next step. We also offer our All-Access Membership, which includes the entire Trifecta (and more) and a 99% off discount.

4  Level up! Optimize your mind.
Once Basic Training is complete, it’s time to really unleash your true potential. Enroll in our mind optimization program, Bending Reality, and learn to activate the Zero Density State, the single state of consciousness that manifests all desires. This is the cornerstone of the Reality Hacker approach to manifesting.
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5  Level up! Optimize your body.
Once you have optimized your mind, it’s time to optimize your body so that it is able to sustain the higher energy and potential that is now channeling through your consciousness. Get a personalized protocol of our Nutraceuticals, which will target and optimize systems within your body that are unbalanced. An optimized body is essential for staying consistent and accelerated in your manifesting.
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6  Level up! Optimize your spirit.
Your mind and body are now tuned to a greater output of your manifesting potential. Now you will deepen and expand your abilities through our I Am Experience program, which will optimize your spiritual embodiment and turn you into a powerhouse of infinite potential. You’ll transcend time, dissolve all limitation, and discover the bliss and peace that lies at the source of your true, enlightened nature.
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