Awaken Your Highest Self.

A training and technology that activates the state of consciousness where all desires manifest on their own. #NoTechnique required.

The end of manifesting technique

Stop struggling with confusing or time-consuming manifesting technique. Activate the single state of consciousness mystics and masters have used for ages to bend reality to their will. With it, there is impossibility. No repetitive technique required. And we’ve developed a technology to awaken it in you.

Unlock the ability to bend reality

Introducing Bending Reality, a quantum manifesting training and technology designed to elevate your mind and consciousness, and unlock the ability to effortlessly bend reality to your desires. #NoTechnique required.


Included is an online training that will walk you through a masterclass in bending reality. We’ll explore mystics and masters such as Neville Goddard and Lester Levenson, who unlocked true command over the very fabric of their world. You’ll learn how to bend reality with no more than a single feeling.


You’ll also receive our quantum manifestation technology that will engage the automatic manifestation of your unique desires. This is an audio-spacial technology that elevates your consciousness to the state of automatic desire manifestation, in just 6 minutes. No technique required.



Manifest every desire, automatically

The mystics and masters have known for ages that with the right level of consciousness, technique is not required to manifest your desires with ease. This is because when your mind is tuned to a higher frequency, mental density naturally dissolves and your thoughts become exponentially more powerful. From here, #NoTechnique is required—manifesting any desire is simple, predictable and automatic.

Get started today

Bending Reality is a simple program designed to accelerate your manifesting with minimal time and effort. Start manifesting without lengthy and complicated techniques—you’ll elevate your mind into a single state of consciousness that manifests every desire, automatically. Included is the full training and mind-elevating technology.

Or get access through our All-Access Membership for just $50/mo

Results to expect

From day one of the program you will find yourself manifesting with more ease, speed and consistency than ever before. But it doesn’t end there. Here are just some of the results our participants have commonly experienced.

  • What felt stuck or overwhelming before melts into ease
  • No longer needing to worry about what to do to manifest specific desires
  • Instant elimination of limiting beliefs, resistance and blockages
  • Thoughts manifesting within minutes, hours or days
  • Problems and undesirable situations will easily resolve on their own
  • Goals and desires fall into your lap
  • New mental abilities awaken
  • And more…



Student reviews

See what some of our Bending Reality graduates say:

I Love This!
Since finding reality hacker and starting bending reality, my entire reality has shifted /is currently shifting. My contract position at work became permanent with a raise, I am moving into my dream apartment, money just keeps flowing to me endlessly and I know I’m on the right path to beginning my dream relationship.

Ashley B.   Verified Buyer

A Huge Endless Thank You
I haven’t shared my wins from bending reality. Here are a few, manifested my highest paying job ever.. also used offloading to turn a learning circumstance in my favor, a last last minute weekend trip to San Diego and Mexico, and recently a man that’s very into me and takes me on dates. I’m much more relaxed about life and somehow my focus is manifesting the journey vs the things.

Patricia M.   Verified Buyer

The Power of You
This experience was thrilling, mind-bending, and ultimate incredibly cleansing-which was the aspect I took the most away from. I’ve worked with various techniques and schools of thought for some time, and this has been the only one that’s addressed the mechanics of YOU and the power that waits beneath the surface; as well as the love that defines everything that is. This program helps you clear away old patterns so you can do the work that MATTERS, literally. Don’t regret NOT changing your life Now.

Michael G.   Verified Buyer

One state. Infinite desires.

The first pillar of the Reality Hacker Trifecta, Bending Reality takes you on a journey of expanding and elevating your mind, activating the state of consciousness where all desire manifests automatically. Welcome to a new approach to manifestation.

Get the full Reality Hacker Trifecta

Bending Reality is a component of the Reality Hacker Trifecta, the mind-body-spirit self-optimization protocol for full awakening and embodiment of your true, infinite potential. All three components work to keep you rooted in the Zero Density State, where life flows and goals manifest with momentum. Get all components of the Trifecta, plus our monthly manifesting game, for structure and accountability in your goal achievement.