Bending Reality


A training and technology that activates the state of consciousness where all desires manifest on their own. #NoTechnique required.



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Bending Reality is a high-touch program designed to accelerate your manifesting with minimal time and effort. We’ll get you manifesting without lengthy and complicated techniques—you’ll learn to install a single state of consciousness that manifests every desire, automatically.

What you get:

  • Online training (replay from our Bending Reality retreat)
  • Our 6-minute quantum manifesting technology
  • Activation of a single state of consciousness that manifests all desires (no technique required)


  • What felt stuck or overwhelming before melts into ease
  • No longer needing to worry about what to do to manifest specific desires
  • Instant elimination of limiting beliefs, resistance and blockages
  • Thoughts manifesting within minutes, hours or days
  • Problems and undesirable situations will easily resolve on their own
  • Goals and desires fall into your lap
  • New mental abilities awaken


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