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Over the last 7+ years, we have served over 100,000 people in 125 countries. Here are a few words from our students and customers.

I Love This!
Since finding Reality Hacker and starting Bending Reality, my entire reality has shifted /is currently shifting. My contract position at work became permanent with a raise, I am moving into my dream apartment, money just keeps flowing to me endlessly and I know I’m on the right path to beginning my dream relationship.

Ashley B.   Verified BuyerBending Reality

A Huge Endless Thank You
I haven’t shared my wins from bending reality. Here are a few, manifested my highest paying job ever.. also used offloading to turn a learning circumstance in my favor, a last last minute weekend trip to San Diego and Mexico, and recently a man that’s very into me and takes me on dates. I’m much more relaxed about life and somehow my focus is manifesting the journey vs the things.

Patricia M.   Verified BuyerBending Reality

The Power of You
This experience was thrilling, mind-bending, and ultimate incredibly cleansing-which was the aspect I took the most away from. I’ve worked with various techniques and schools of thought for some time, and this has been the only one that’s addressed the mechanics of YOU and the power that waits beneath the surface; as well as the love that defines everything that is. This program helps you clear away old patterns so you can do the work that MATTERS, literally. Don’t regret NOT changing your life Now.

Michael G.   Verified BuyerBending Reality

As with everything created by Reality Hacker, Bending Reality exceeded expectations. Life-changing teachings and activation of the perfect state, all brilliantly executed. Connecting with your infinite nature could never be a bad investment.

Vanessa M.   Verified BuyerBending Reality

Extraordinary Program!
After checking out all manner of books and courses, the I Am Experience actually delivered! I admit it took me much longer than 45 days for me to work through it, but that was because of me, not the course. Having followed in Neville Goddard’s and Ernest Holmes’s paths, I knew certain aspects of the I Am teachings, but not with the same depth and focus on experiential understanding. And I was not familiar with Lester Levenson, which was a new angle of focus. Now that I have completed the course, I am restarting the program again and know that there is much more to glean. Thank you so much for all of the education and value this program brought to me!

Peter M.   Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Worth Every Penny!
Great course! The steps to are laid out very well and you will be surprised at how limitations are holding you back. Thankfully this program goes beyond that and shows you how to go from wanting to being. It’s really easy once you know who you are and how to get there. This course puts you back in the driver seat where you belong and awakens everything that is already in you to begin with!!

Billy   Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Beyond Words
I was super reluctant to enroll in this course, not because of the money involved but because I was fed up of courses promising that this is the last ever course that I need to learn only to learn that I had fallen for a ****** marketing gimmick. No offense, most of the courses were great but they always kept me hanging for more and running behind the next shiny object. The I Am source experiment is the first and only course which actually overdelivered, it was way beyond what the description mentioned. The last 45 days have given me the most clarity than the 11 years of running behind religion, spirituality and every single modality that claimed to have the ‘answer’ could ever have given me. it has given me the gift of the question, it has taught me to be more and do less, it has taught me that I am enough, that all the answers are within and it was such a simple journey to embark upon with each day taking me deeper and deeper within myself and into a state of greater calm, bliss, knowing, joy and wonder than I could every have asked for. I literally cannot put this experience in words. All I can say to anyone wishing to explore creation, manifestation, themselves, life, the world, spirituality, awareness, consciousness or anything relation is – Just go for it!!! You can thank me later.

Wilma D.   Verified BuyerI Am Experience

This Changed My Life
I am so thankful for this experience. I had gone through a very traumatic experience…at least for me it was traumatic. I was at a low point and decided to give law of attraction another go. Again it failed me and then I found Neville Goddard and the law of assumption. I learned non-duality and that I create everything in my 3d reality. Then I found the I Am Experience. This is the program that has helped me to become steadfast and remember everyday who I am and how powerful I am. I believe that this change is a process but persisting is worth it. Thank you so much for creating this amazing tool.

Heather   Verified BuyerI Am Experience

A Wonderful Course
I really enjoyed every single day of this journey. I feel like I’m manifesting a lot already. What you can do is related to how many of your mental shackles you have cast off. I’m still working on this part — consistently feeling as limitless as I know I am. But I’m getting there. Already reading through a second time.

M. Peacock   Verified BuyerI Am Experience

I Am That I Am
Wonderful Course! I am reminded of the axiom of the great martial artist and philosopher Bruce Lee,”Using No Way as a Way; Using No Limitation as a Limitation.” I enjoyed the I AM experience immensely. How empowering to be reminded to bask in Beingness, without limitations, either self-imposed, or imposed by others. I would recommend this program to anyone that wishes to ramp up their Powers of Manifestation!

James C.   Verified BuyerI Am Experience

I have pursued a lot of different resources, courses, and learning around conscious manifestation and this is by far the most profound, simple, and delightful. I just finished and am about to start all over again… I have had several mystical/blissful experiences in the past 45 days unlike anything I had had before… I’m really amazed. Of course I believe it is all about right timing, and this arrived at the perfect time for me for it to be really juicy and hugely transformative.

Jane F.   Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Awesome Program
After initially discovering the power of law of attraction over a decade ago, I somehow lost the practice of it the last several years. Particularly the last two years have been a struggle, especially with the pandemic, so the “I Am” experience has been exactly what I needed to re-discover and remember the unlimited power of my infinite beingness. A state of flow and bliss and purpose has returned to my consciousness that I seem to be able to enter into at will now, and I am manifesting a newly designed life and lifestyle. The “I Am” experience has also been a powerful compliment to their amazing Alignment Engine program, which has flipped my business entirely upside down for the better, much better! So grateful.

Troy W.   Verified BuyerI Am Experience

From “Law of Attraction” Burnout to Manifestation Illumination
I’ve been in so many law of attraction courses, watched the movies, and read the books. It started off as a fascination, then an attempt to answer a cry for help as my life had turned into a nightmare of stress, weight gain, and failed dreams. It felt like something was missing from the other well intentioned courses. This course was filled with “ah ha” moments, and tears of joy, as I realized how much I had over complicated the process. I am a master at manifesting! Everything lined up with my faith. In fact, it strengthens my Christian beliefs, drawing attention to things the Bible said that I never understood fully until now. I was so excited about what I was learning that I would talk about it to everyone who would listen and I saw lightbulbs turn on in their heads too. I was so excited to complete each day that I would stay up, or wake up at 12:59am every morning so I could read the next lesson and experiment, digest it, and prepare for its implementation when I got ready to really start my day.

Phylicia   Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Don’t Give Up!
I’ve been studying LOA and manifestation for years, and I’d kind of lost my enthusiasm for it to be honest. I felt no energy or motivation to do any kind of work on myself, and my life and relationships suffered because of it. I had just about given up on everything when I found this. It sounded too good to be true, and you know how those things usually work out… but after a couple days of doing the experiments and the changes I was already seeing in myself and in the world around me, I knew I had stumbled onto something different. I actually was EXCITED for this work again, in a way I hadn’t been since back when I first discovered our power and ability to create and direct our lives. It felt awesome. I don’t often do reviews, but after the year we’ve all had, and how easy it feels to just give up, please give this a chance first. I can almost fully guarantee it will be worth it for you too.

Ella C.   Verified BuyerI Am Experience

The Keys To The Kingdom… For a Steal
I’ve taken a lot of courses, read a lot of books and studied with a lot of teachers…and the I Am Experience blows it all out of the water. The manifesting world of techniques, SPs, effort, endless instruction goes up in smoke when you embark on the Experience. To me, this is the way to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth — it goes way beyond the surface I-want-to-manifest-this-and-that level and takes you all the way to true freedom and joy. This program clues you into just how powerful you are and shows you what’s truly possible. The format is simple yet elegant and beyond effective. You’ll have the experience of expansiveness — you won’t just read about it. You’ll let go of the endless thinking and get out of your head and go beyond intellectual understanding. The price is beyond affordable and in regards to the value you receive, it’s a total steal. The “sales” copy for the program isn’t blowing smoke — this program is all of that AND more. Typically, I roll my eyes when I see that there’s a bonus community. This program proved me wrong — the group is extremely supportive to the whole experience. If you’re ready to ditch the all of the hit or miss techniques and totally shift your perspective and live in the seat of your power, this program will help you drop all of the unnecessary work and get to the place of your wildest dreams. I had high expectations when I clicked the purchase button and this program exceeded them. It underpromises and overdelivers. I noticed a shift just after the first day and things just got better from there. Old beliefs have unraveled, blocks have fallen away, my perspective has shifted, life feels a lot more fun and free and I feel a deep well of joy. I want to recommend this to any and everyone, so that you can all experience the bliss that’s available to you. This is the best purchase I’ve ever made.

Diane   Verified BuyerI Am Experience

The magic of this course is the shift that happens when you come from Source versus effect. When you are in that space your mind stops all the chatter and you just are—not chasing after something, not worrying and not seeking—wonder takes over. I love it!

Val G.   Verified BuyerI Am Experience

This course was amazing! I combined it with the manifesting journal and a few books from Neville Goddard. My results are beyond belief…. I can literally manifest ANYTHING and I have from $$$ to things. Thank you!

Mike   Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Definitely Life Changing
I’ve just recently finished the course, and it was definitely life changing. I’m just excited to see how everything unfolds from here on out.

Johnathan L.   Verified BuyerI Am Experience

I am only on Day 6 and I can already feel a difference already.

I am at ease, at peace… no anxiety .. and in my moments of thoughts that once took me down a rabbit hole, I can now easily and confidently swing myself back to who I truly am…

I cannot thank you enough and I’ve only just begun! I still have over 30 days left of this goodness to learn more valuable information …. but so far I can call this program truly LIFE CHANGING.

For someone who admittedly is guilty of overthinking, over searching for answers, attempting to “manipulate the 3D” in order to force things to click into place, and who has spent COUNTLESS hours obsessing over thoughts of “did I do it right”, “did I properly visualize”, “did I really write it 55 times”, “do I need to affirm more”, and “is this really the Sabbath?” – I can confidently say that this ONE PROGRAM at only DAY 6 has me stepping into my true power… and feeling so excited at the positive changes that will occur now that I’m stepping into who I really am.

The beginning portion alone on desires and where they come from were enough to make my chin hit the floor. Gosh – If I had only known all of this sooner… but then again… no use worrying or overthinking about that 🙂 Because I only have the NOW to contend with … and my journey is my journey… I am just so grateful for this program and for finding it…

Peace at last…. and God it feels so good. THANK YOU! You are a blessing!

Stephanie   Verified BuyerI Am Experience

The Real Deal!
At the beginning of this course, I made a bold statement by saying that this is the Real Deal! As I come to a close of my initial journey of this course, I can emphatically confirm that no truer words can be spoken of this course, by me anyway. I decided I was not going to rush though this process; because I wanted to soak it all in, at my own pace. What a journey this has been for me, and it’s one that I will continue on, even after I depart from my physical body and leave this realm. I have known for many years now that, in order for success to be attained, one must first begin by establishing a definite major purpose—deciding what one wants. At the beginning of 2020, I decided to rededicate my life to embracing and fulfilling my definite major purpose. Because of that decision, I have been able to start my own 501(c)3 non-profit organization, which is dedicated to the personal development of others. This is allowing me to fulfill my purpose of serving others in a way that leads to their own success, whatever it may be. It has also given me the complete confidence of knowing that I am fulfilling the will of Him who sent me into this realm, by fulfilling my life’s purpose.

Michael M.   Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Incredible Journey!
This course has seriously changed my life. Each day I found myself more open, more optimistic, more patient and more compassionate. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this with people like me. I would suggest this for anyone seeking truth and inner love, for this is what you shall find.

Dana   Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Beyond The Mind, Beyond Logic
I have no regret of buying this course. It’s like the foundation of all manifesting methods. I used to jump from one manifesting course to another, trying every method to manifesting all I want. But I got little to no success not because all those manifesting methods are fake, but because I was missing crucial point which I finally found in this course. I never found anything like this before, because all manifesting methods that I’ve ever tried are mostly mind based manifesting method. This one is beyond mind, beyond logic, beyond The Law of Attraction.

This 45 days journey have given me new knowledge and tools. I feel the the shift during the journey, I started to manifest small things, and now I have new perception of reality. I have to admit it didn’t happen immediately, but I got covered with support from Dave, Michael, and all members of I am The Source Experiment Group. This course is amazing experience. I’m happy to be part of this journey.

Gunarsah  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

This journey has redefined everything for me and sincerely changed the course of my life! Without struggle or disappointment, I’m confident that I will move on the direction of everything I want with tons of love, gratitude, and added surprises along the way. I know this cause it’s who I am, and I’ll never unlearn that now. In 45 days, my forever has been improved and I could not be anymore grateful!

Lauren  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

So Grateful
I have gained a new sense of reality. This course has planted in me the knowledge of my true essence, and I know that from now on nothing is like before.

Ben  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Life Changing
One of the greatest experiences in my purposeful life. I’m still at disbelief of how simply put and easy to read.

Benisha J.  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

A Must-Have Experience
Absolutely the most beautiful, life-changing and transformative experience. I cannot recommend this enough to all seekers who have been on the manifestation, personal growth and awakening path yet still finding themselves stuck. This was by far the best investment I’ve made on my own journey, as it finally brought me back home to fully knowing my true Self (who we all truly are) and allowed me to experience the real infinite power we all have in consciously creating our desired reality. The search has ended, as all is truly already here and within! The wholeness, satisfaction, completeness, joy and bliss I feel now on a consistent basis is unparalleled to only the occasional glimpses I’d get prior. The tremendous community support alongside the daily experiments has also been priceless for me. I’ll continue to revisit this course over and over again, for it really contains all the applicable tools I’ll ever need.

Arielle  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Beyond Grateful
What a wonderful experience!!! I was hesitant to buy this because of my experience with other courses not living up to my expectations. This has by far exceeded my expectations. This has given me tools that I will no doubt use for the rest of my life, which is priceless. Thank you.

Agnes  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

I’m So Glad I Found This!
Overall, the experience was eye opening. It was a much needed introduction to who I am at 38. Now that I’ve gone through the process, I’ll be starting right back over to immerse myself further into the lessons. Also, the support I received throughout the entire experience was genuine and super helpful.

Ashley E.  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Revisit Again & Again
This coursework distilled so much of what i’ve been attempting to put together for years. It’s short, approachable daily bites that can (and should) be revisited again and again. Definitely worth the investment.

Steph  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Complete Gratitude!
WOW – this course was absolutely amazing. Everyday, I was finding new realizations – in depth. Just when I thought I couldn’t discover anything more, I’d be hit with something else. I still cannot believe how different I am than when I started. My life is completely changed – and you only know the true meaning behind this after taking the course. You may think that you’ve experienced something like this, but you haven’t. The entire time, I was thinking, “wow this course is worth wayyyyyy more than I paid. I’m getting all of this – experiments, group chats, and lots of love and support.” Everyone is going through the process with you and adding guidance along the way. That’s the best part of this entire course is being able to ask questions and seek advice – the instructors respond quickly and explain things in depth. It’s awesome!!!! I loved it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m just going to continue going through my experiments and returning to the face group chat for more discoveries 🙂

Chrisa H.  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Remembering Our Wholeness
Going through the ‘I Am Experience’ for the first time… wow! All I can say is it has been a beautiful unfolding. I feel so many of the pieces I have gathered over the years are finally integrating into real understanding through first-hand experience. Not only that, but the powerful insights and practices remind me that our journey living as the Self is one of pure love, joy, bliss, and freedom! I appreciate that the ‘I Am Experience’ is simple, yet deep. It is also well-written and wonderfully explained. I’ve truly loved being gently reminded of our truest nature and seeing beyond the story of the small self. Feeling very blessed and grateful for this incredible program and to be a part of the Reality Hacker community!

Carolina K.  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Daily Self Inquiry
My overall experience of the I Am Experience was deeply enlightening. Each day’s session combined a lesson, an experiment and an action. These steps gave me a deeper understanding of of the days topic, provided a chance for me to implement the lesson and actions to imbed the lesson through continued actions. If you truly want to get to the core of manifestation in your life this course is a must. You won’t be disappointed.

Jacqueline J.  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

A Wonderful Journey!
The I Am Experience is such a wonderful journey of exploration and self-discovery! The struggle I used to feel has melted away and I’m now enjoying much more ease in my everyday life. All is well because I allow it to be so!

Pacey L.  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Extremely High Quality
I’ve been a Seeker for many years, and seriously exploring the limits of consciousness and healing. I have a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Parapsychology, and have been a Reiki Master Teacher for over a decade. I’ve written 15 books on self-care and healing. I wasn’t new to this topic, to say the least.

Coming into this course, I hoped to learn about the integration of Self-Inquiry and Manifestation. I had already written a book called Manifesting Made Simple, and so the course content was very intriguing for me. I’m always interested in learning new, practical approaches to what I practice.

The course delivered extraordinarily well! I did not want more videos to watch, but instead to have something to read and practice daily. This course delivered above and beyond. The material is extremely well written, approachable and also deep. I gained new insights daily.

Other programs I’ve taken had me watching hours of videos, which I don’t particularly enjoy as much as reading. They also helped in some ways, such as Self Inquiry, or Meditation. I even took the 45 Day Finder’s Course, which was excellent, though time-consuming. But this one, in its simplicity along with it’s depth, gave me an integrative approach to everything I have learned, with this new content.

I also love games, as I’ve been professionally involved with game content creation for many years. I am eagerly awaiting my Reality Hacker OS Journal to begin combining the game format with this powerful process.

My life has changed in that my knowledge has deepened, validation comes in freely, and I feel a shift in my being. I’ve been able to communicate these concepts to others through my Reiki sessions. I’ve also gained many deep personal insights as I’ve welcomed these concepts into my awareness practices.

I’m grateful for this program and excited for further progress in my journey with its support. Thank you to Michael, Dave and the entire staff for this wonderful work.

Dr. Alice Langholt, Ph.D.  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Confirmed So Much
I appreciate the different approach this course took and found it to be very powerful. I’m looking forward to revisiting the days at random.

Amy D.  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Power In Numbers
The experiments helped me learn how to shift my perspective and get out from behind my view of existing “problems.” It was awesome and easy. But the best part, surprisingly, was all the great information gained in the community. Being able to ask questions to others was HUGELY helpful! For that alone, it was well worth signing up!

Amy R.  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

I Am Is The Answer
There is a lot of material out there on the subject of manifestation and making your dreams come true. If you have ever wondered, “What is it that the masters knew or know that I don’t?” The I AM Experience gently brings you to the realization that you already contain the answers that you seek. You have always known this, and when you go through the experiments, you will remember. The I AM Experience brings you to this realization through an easy to understand series of experiments, and once you get it, your life will never be the same again. I am forever grateful that I found this material.

Jay D.  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Manifesting Made Right
If you have ever delved into manifestation, the law of attraction, meditation, and found yourself at all frustrated that you just didn’t quite get what you wanted out of it… look no further. Click the buy button on this program. The price that they charge will seem so minuscule when you see how your life changes. And the changes happen almost immediately. Your whole way of thinking will change with this course. It’s the real deal. I have done so many online courses and most of them leave me so disappointed. This one is not like anything I’ve ever done or experienced. The bonus book I received, “Unified”, was really amazing too. It’s not a long book, but it is absolutely PACKED with insightful information that I have never seen in any other book. Seriously, stop reading the reviews, and buy this. It’s that good.

Ryan S.  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

This was a wonderful confirmation that I am on the right track. Thank you!!

Shawn D.  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

A Transformative Experience
It’s next level work on transforming your life. So much more than the usual LOA advice to try and stay positive and visualize and meditate. I had hit a wall with all that stuff and was getting frustrated. Here I’ve learned to surrender to my Source/Beingness and to stop focusing on my desires and always feeling like I have to “do” something, as everything easily and naturally happens when I’m not stressing over how things will happen. I realize now more than ever that it’s about feeling good as much of the time as possible and just allowing, releasing, and/or surrendering to Source, inner Beingness (whatever you’re comfortable calling it) to take care of everything as it really does have my back and takes care of the details. The right supportive people are brought to me and favorable conditions occur so that things always work out for me. It’s a continuing work in progress but I feel like I have a much better roadmap here as I know that my life is supposed to be enjoyable and fun.

Jay T.  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Know Who You Are, Miracles Follow
A journey to the deepest of yourself. Knowing how reality works and what your role is in it, allows your life to flow in infinite bliss. Forever grateful ❤️

Marco R.  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Inspiring And Transformational
I set the intention to break cycles that kept repeating in my life. I was inspired to change my beliefs and came across the I AM Experience. It is exactly what I needed. I am experiencing so much peace, freedom and awareness. I feel inspired, I am grateful I found it!

Joelle V.  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

A Great Experience
This is Truly is wonderful, insightful, helpful and simple if you really look at it they way it is presented. Easy to follow, understand and focus on each day of experiments. I highly reccomend this!

Tim M.  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

I Love It!
I’ve been a life long seeker, and have experienced many teachers and teachings. The I Am Experience is the most transformational product I’ve ever used. The subtle yet profound daily lessons, or “experiments”, have allowed me to shift my reality and awareness in almost unbelievable ways. In the first 8 days, I was experiencing non-stop cocreative miracles, and it’s continued to increase and expand with every day. I highly recommend this deck if you are looking for true transformation.

Jennifer S.  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Eye Opening, Life Changing 
I feel happier more in control of my thoughts and experience. I see life differently. It also helped me with my kids as I explained the process with them. I feel much better as I am in a better place in life having went through this 45 day experiments.

Brandi  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

It’s a Life Changer 
This course has instilled within an inner peace and stillness inside my heart that I know is, absolutely priceless, no matter who you are, what you’re going through, how or what you’ve been struggling with. It will help you find so much wonderment in your life. It changed mine.

Timothy  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Life Changing… Leaves Me Speechless
The experiments us at our surface level. As I moved deeper step by step, day by day, and the journey seemed “easy” till I reached the experiment that started taking me into my depths. From here I started my journey from where I previously had reached. Gradually, I noticed manifestations happening, catching greater speed as I moved further with the journey. I felt greater ease, while the resistance melted away. And, if resistance did rise, I had “tools” to use to melt it away. Now that I have completed my first journey through the 45 days, I’m eager to start my second journey – and I trust the more I use it, the deeper I’ll go.

Jeevan  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

The Brightest Part Of My Day
These experiments are the brightest part of my day! They express truth and wisdom in ways I had never heard before. They teach one how to create your best life by getting in touch with your spiritual self, your spirit, soul, higher self, whatever you want to call it. And I continue to use them, every day so that I can get in touch with the highest part of myself, my inner being. From here, I can create my day and my life. I am now more open to inspiration, I have more hope, more gratitude, and happiness than before. I highly recommend this!

Kelly  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

A Fantastic Tool That Helps You To Feel More Grounded And More In Control Of Your Being
I feel more peaceful and more motivated to take on any important steps to gain a complete freedom. This course helped me to stop for a moment and appreciate more what’s around me as well as improvement in my manifestation skills.

Aggy  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Should Be The First Thing Law Of Attraction Beginners Use
Before this I would be running around from one YouTube video or reddit thread or blog to another in an attempt to find a different technique, however after I came across this course I truly began to understand that everything begins and ends with me and helped me accept the amazing power I possess.

Ash  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

I Feel Empowered & Excited For My Future
I am able to bounce back quicker from times of feeling down. This is because my understanding of the creation process has grown significantly and my awareness of my thoughts and emotions has greatly increased. While going through this course, I quit searching every email and Facebook post for that “missing piece” in my life. I have had several manifesting experiences that are proof to me that this works. I am much more excited about my future and feel empowered to deliberately create it!

Mary  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

The Course I Wish I Had When I Was Born!
My life is very chaotic. I work too much, too hard and for almost nothing. Since starting this course, (which I can’t wait to read everyday, I get so excited!) I made more money in one month than I do with all my jobs put together just by helping someone out that was so easy. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get to take a trip anywhere this year. I don’t have anyone to work for me. My boss hired someone through the summer and asked if I wanted anytime off. At first, I thought she meant can I cover any of the new girls shifts. It took me a few days to realize she was giving me a chance to take some time off. Which normally I couldn’t afford to do. But with the extra money I made, I got to go to my favorite place and experience magic! I usually only get a few days to go. But I got to add a couple extra days off. So I had more time to enjoy myself for once. I read the lessons everyday but didn’t do the experiments fully because of my busy lifestyle. But I know that’s ok. And I can redo them which I am looking forward to doing. But I can’t wait to see what happens when I do. Because if I can create magic like I did with just the little bit of experimenting I did do, just imagine what’s going to happen when I really dive deep and do the experiments fully. Thank you so so much!! Big big hugs!

Melanie  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Soooo Much In Just 45 Days
There are so many different practices included in the 45 days that have helped me through instances of depression and anxiety. Manifesting things in your world is just the icing on the cake. The ability to be at peace with yourself, your perceptions, understanding your inner feelings, and harnessing your awareness IS the bigger picture. In only 45 days, I have begun the journey to become a stronger, confident person, IN CONTROL of my world, feelings, and perceptions. Before anything, I am a skeptic in regards to things like this. However, the information provided in the 45 days is really something special, and I am happy I could have been a part of it.

Jonny  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Teaches You To Answer Your Own Questions On God
I gained a greater awareness of self, which is priceless. It made me feel uncomfortable, but also allowed me to see how I was ignoring turning within even when I knew the answers were within. The ego truly likes to hide but these experiments did not allow it. I am grateful for this experience.

Sharm  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Opens Your Eyes To What’s Possible
The daily experiments allowed me to truly embody concepts that I previously only understood intellectually. This course has challenged me to re-evaluate what I have accepted as the nature of reality, and made me realize that the possibilities in life are literally endless. I have manifested effortlessly situations and things that I hadn’t even dreamed could come into my life. I feel more calm, clear-headed and in control of my life than I ever have before, and this is just the start of an incredible journey!

Sinead  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

I Found Layers of My Mind Being Peeled Away… And My Life Began to ChangeWe are always manifesting everything we experience whether consciously or unconsciously. Through daily step by step application of the I Am Experience, I have manifested opportunities, a more orderly environment and improved relationships from a calm place of power within. Things happen smoothly in my favor with ease. My outlook has shifted completely in favor of my being a creator that causes things to happen rather than a victim that is affected by my circumstances and is so reflected in my world.

Tariq  Verified BuyerI Am Experience

Inspiring And Transformational
I set the intention to break cycles that kept repeating in my life. I was inspired to change my beliefs and came across the I AM Experience. It is exactly what I needed. I am experiencing so much peace, freedom and awareness. I feel inspired, I am grateful I found it!

Joelle V.  Verified BuyerI Am Experience