Elevate your spirit.

An experiment-based journey of enlightenment that awakens your infinite nature, where the bliss of pure being and transcendence of limitation become your every day experience.

Transcend time, space & limitation

Beyond your human form lies a realm of infinite power and possibility. It’s beyond time, space and limitation, the eternal spiritual nature that mystics and sages have pointed to for ages. It’s been called Spirit, the Soul, the Self, the infinite beingness that is the source of all existence—and now you can discover and embody it in less than 42 days.

Enlightenment turned science

Introducing the I Am Experience, a 45-day experiment-based journey designed to take you beyond human form and into the realm of spirit, permanently awakening your infinite, enlightened nature.

What Is It?

This is a 45-day online experience. You will receive a daily lesson and experiment designed to walk you through evidence-based awakening of your true, infinite nature. It’s enlightenment, reversed engineered into a scientific process.


The I Am Experience is for anyone who desires to achieve optimal levels of beings, self-realization and enlightenment, without time-consuming rituals or years of practice.

How does it work?

Backed by the scientific method, our process leverages experimentation and measurable results to guide you in permanent transformation. No other program can say that.

How is it different?

The problem with most spiritual programs is they fill your head with information, but never guide you to actual experience. Instead, our process focuses on experience first, which leads to permanent and measurable transformation.

The last spiritual program you’ll ever need

Most on the spiritual path find themselves in a constant cycle of searching for answers. The I Am Experience is a simple process that awakens your infinite nature, ending this search once and for all. Embodied in spirit, you will awaken a deep understanding of existence, accompanied with the bliss and peace that comes with the first-hand experience of transcending time, space and limitation. From here, the Zero Density State is effortlessly sustained, and your greatest desires unfold automatically.

Get started today

The I Am Experience is a 42-day journey in infinity, source, enlightenment and spiritual transcension. It’s backed by the scientific method, guiding you in self-experiments that awaken permanent embodiment of your infinite, spiritual nature. Welcome to the last spiritual program you’ll ever need.

Results to expect

Most students who complete the program report a level of transformation never experienced before. Here are some commonly reported results:

  • The end of fear, lack and limitation
  • The instant dissolution of blocks, without force and repetition
  • The experience of infinite intelligence and oneness with the universe
  • The sense of eternality and existence beyond the physical body
  • The experience of transcending time and space
  • A deeper sense of joy, peace and presence than ever before
  • Effortless and instantaneous manifestation
  • Clarity of true purpose and meaning
  • Enlightenment as described by the mystics and sages
  • The end of spiritual searching

Student reviews

See what some of our I Am Experience graduates say:

Extraordinary Program!
After checking out all manner of books and courses, the I Am Experience actually delivered! I admit it took me much longer than 45 days for me to work through it, but that was because of me, not the course. Having followed in Neville Goddard’s and Ernest Holmes’s paths, I knew certain aspects of the I Am teachings, but not with the same depth and focus on experiential understanding. And I was not familiar with Lester Levenson, which was a new angle of focus. Now that I have completed the course, I am restarting the program again and know that there is much more to glean. Thank you so much for all of the education and value this program brought to me!

Peter M.   Verified Buyer

Worth Every Penny!
Great course! The steps to are laid out very well and you will be surprised at how limitations are holding you back. Thankfully this program goes beyond that and shows you how to go from wanting to being. It’s really easy once you know who you are and how to get there. This course puts you back in the driver seat where you belong and awakens everything that is already in you to begin with!!

Billy   Verified Buyer

Beyond Words
I was super reluctant to enroll in this course, not because of the money involved but because I was fed up of courses promising that this is the last ever course that I need to learn only to learn that I had fallen for a ****** marketing gimmick. No offense, most of the courses were great but they always kept me hanging for more and running behind the next shiny object. The I Am source experiment is the first and only course which actually overdelivered, it was way beyond what the description mentioned. The last 45 days have given me the most clarity than the 11 years of running behind religion, spirituality and every single modality that claimed to have the ‘answer’ could ever have given me. it has given me the gift of the question, it has taught me to be more and do less, it has taught me that I am enough, that all the answers are within and it was such a simple journey to embark upon with each day taking me deeper and deeper within myself and into a state of greater calm, bliss, knowing, joy and wonder than I could every have asked for. I literally cannot put this experience in words. All I can say to anyone wishing to explore creation, manifestation, themselves, life, the world, spirituality, awareness, consciousness or anything relation is – Just go for it!!! You can thank me later.

Wilma D.   Verified Buyer

Welcome to your infinite nature

The third pillar of the Reality Hacker Trifecta, the I Am Experience takes you on a journey of discovering and embodying your infinite nature. Once awakened, you effortlessly sustain the Zero Density State, the level of being where desires manifest automatically and life is a joyful celebration of infinite potential.