I Am Experience




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An experiment-based journey of enlightenment that awakens your infinite nature, where the bliss of pure being and transcendence of limitation become your every day experience.

What you get:

  • Instant access to the online course
  • 42 days of lessons and experiments
  • Several bonuses that unlock as you progress through the course


  • The end of fear, lack and limitation
  • The instant dissolution of blocks, without force and repetition
  • The experience of infinite intelligence and oneness with the universe
  • The sense of eternality and existence beyond the physical body
  • The experience of transcending time and space
  • A deeper sense of joy, peace and presence than ever before
  • Effortless and instantaneous manifestation
  • Clarity of true purpose and meaning
  • Enlightenment as described by the mystics and sages
  • The end of spiritual searching


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