Reality Hacker OS Journal & Planner


Introducing an updated and optimized edition of our best-selling Reality Hacker OS journal.

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Introducing an updated and optimized edition of our best-selling Reality Hacker OS journal. This journal and planner that will:

👉 Activate the Zero Density State, where all goals and desires manifest automatically
👉 Manifest magic every single day
👉 Turn your life into a game
👉 Ensure you never get stuck with how to manifest your desires
👉 Keep you accountable & on-track
👉 Show you how effortless manifesting can be

How does Reality Hacker OS work?

The Today template provides a framework to live your day with fun, ease and flow. You’ll choose a Quest, which will give you specific steps for optimizing your consciousness and action towards your goals. You’ll follow a process to activate the Zero Density State, where desires unfold automatically. You’ll log your tasks for the day, and capture any self-optimizations you discover. Once the day is complete, you’ll mark your Streak, which is a gamified feature that hacks your brain to stay on track and motivated. This, and much more!

Reality Hacker OS is a modular journal, meaning it allows for endless customization and expansion. We are soon launching the Upgrade Library, which will features dozens of journal add-ons. These will offer new ways to use the journal for specific goals and desires.

• Spiral bound
• 6″ x 9″ dimensions so you can carry the journal with you
• 233 pages
• 8 weeks of daily templates and weekly planning and review
• Bullet pages at the end of the journal

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