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Day 1

Dave Smith March 9, 2024

We often fight and struggle to achieve our goals, not because it has to be that way, but because we don’t understand our true power. We simply don’t understand who we really are. Today, we are going to start our journey with a simple inquiry that will begin to unravel your limited understanding of “self” and open space for truth and magic to come.

EXPERIMENT:  Simply try to find who or what is here, now, looking from behind your eyes. This is your awareness, your attention, your consciousness. Can you find a location? Or boundaries? You can’t. It’s nowhere, but also everywhere! And it’s the real You.

“The answer to your problem is to see who has it.”
Ramana Maharshi

MORNING MEDITATION: Sit or lay in a comfortable position. Take several deep breaths until your mind is clear. Imagine opening up the purple door to the emerald garden in your heart where you meet your inner child. Invite your inner child to lead you into the magical garden. Connect with their innocence, their wisdom and playful energy and ask them “who am I?” Listen and feel what comes to you. You may ask the question as many times as you like.

Throughout the day check in with your inner child and include them as you look for and feel who and what you are. Record your findings.


This is a really powerful exercise because it invites shifting focus from “I am this body looking out at the world” to “I am awareness-consciousness looking through this body.” 

There’s a big difference here we want you to notice—when you are identifying with your body, you are incredibly limited. In fact, it’s the most dense and limited form you can take within this universe. And of course, as a body, you’re constantly acting to maintain or gain power.

However, when you begin to identify with your consciousness, that which is peering through your eyes, that which has no boundaries, you are operating from your infinite Self. The all-powerful, limitless Self.

How does this part of you feel? Really tune in and observe. It feels light, airy, expansive, limitless, alive. See what qualities you notice for yourself.

Most people never experience this! Well they do, but only unknowingly at night while in the dream state. And then they just write it off as a dream.

You can use this revelation, by living more often from this state of boundless You, to make life a whole lot more effortless. Because we want you to notice—from here, no one can take anything from you, no problem can touch you, no problem can disturb you — you are pure, still, perfect consciousness.

This is our first venture into the First and Second Realms. We’re going to explore this a whole lot more over the new few weeks, diving into the experience and distinction of each realm, so just stay curious and practice seeing this new view as you go about your day today.