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Day 4

Dave Smith March 9, 2024

We live and measure our lives by the march of time. But if we look, can we really find time? A simple investigation reveals the truth.

EXPERIMENT:  Try to find the past. Can you locate it? Does it live anywhere physical? And can you find the future? You can’t! The only thing that exists is the present moment. The ever-flowing Now. Time is simply how our mind attempts to categorize events. When you try to find time, you cannot. What does this mean for you? How does this help your conscious manifesting? Spend the day exploring and see what limitations or suffering you are released from when you let go of all concept of time.

“The idea of time is only in your mind.”
Ramana Maharsh

EXERCISE: Have I ever truly experienced the past or the future as concrete moments, or do I recall or anticipate events through thought? Try to step out of the now for a moment and experience the past? We know you can think of things that are not what they seem so thinking of the past is not evidence. To really prove there is a past we need to go there and experience it. Can you do it? What thoughts do you regularly think about time? Can you think of moments where you lose all concept of time? Without any thought, would you ever have any knowledge of time?


Building your time capsule 

Gather Materials:

  1. A small box, any art supplies you would like to use.

Past, Present, and Future Items:

  1.  Think about something enjoyable from the past, a representation of your current interests, and something you look forward to creating in your future. This could involve drawings, pictures, magazine clippings, momentos, etc.. 

Create the Time Capsule:

  1. Place your  past, present, and future items into the box, decorating it as you like. 


4. Just as your Time Capsules contains different moments, time itself consists of memories, current experiences, and future aspirations. Time is not a straight line but a collection of interconnected moments! How does this change how you see time? Are there any past present and future moments you would like to group together for a time capsule you are currently creating?


Today’s experiment is a very powerful one because it sheds light on the gateway to true effortless empowerment and freedom.

We live so much of our lives in the past and future. Think about it. Literally every feeling of limitation is imagining either the past or the future. Every one! That is how the mind (and its ego) functions—it keeps us bouncing between the past and future in an effort to protect us, even though 99.9%+ of the time we’re not in danger.

This experiment is all about logical noticing—when you look, it’s obvious the present Now is the only thing that exists, ever. We live in a constant stream of Now. We might feel there is a past or future, but that’s just imagining from the present Now. In reality, neither the past nor the future actually exist outside of our present imagining of it.

Let’s take this a step further: If neither the past nor future exist, then—it only makes sense—everything must exist in the Now. The Now is eternal and the container of everything (The First and Second Realms). It is total and complete.

In fact, if you explore this enough you’ll discover the Now is actually stationary, and our perceived surrounding world is a movie playing on its screen. Let that sink in for a moment!

“Creation is finished.” — Neville Goddard

This is why many mystics, yogis, and masters have taught that all of creation already exists. Everything is contained in the Now, ready to play as a movie on your screen of awareness. How does that affect your view of manifestation?!

And here’s the true key: The infinite Beingness we’ve been exploring over the past few days actually lives in the Now—the Now is Beingness, life, existence itself. The Now is everything. The Now is You. You are everything. If you look, you cannot find anything outside of the Now—even a memory of the past is accessed within the Now. The Now is a container for everything.

Here’s an extra-credit experiment—imagine the present moment Now as a whole, an entity itself. Observe it for what it is—not just the container of everything, but also something that exists within you. Notice how, from this perspective, the present moment is not only inside your awareness, inside you, but also you are beyond it, as if you are looking in. You are eternity looking into the ever-present Now—the First Realm’s formless potential observing the Second Realm’s container of experience.

The more you practice surrendering fully to the Now, the more you naturally live from your infinite Beingness. Because in the true present Now, the ego-mind has no need to exist. Why? The Now contains everything, and therefore there’s nothing to “think” about—there’s only existence experiencing itself! As you quiet your mind to notice and surrender to the Now, all you’ll find is blissful, effortless Beingness.

If you were to—from this moment on—never again think about the past or future, you’d never experience limitation of the mind again. You’d act 100% on intuition (inner truth), and your world would be in harmony. Just try surrendering to the Now and you will see.

So, reminding yourself that the past and future do not exist is a simple yet powerful tool for immediately quieting your mind. Because if there is really no past or future, there’s nothing to think about, and everything to experience! The Now is when your reality truly comes alive.

And from this place, when a desire occurs to you, you can effortlessly accept it as true and let it go (thus starting its cycle of expression), since there is no future, and therefore no need to worry about whether or not it will manifest—it’s already done. Or, if a worry pops into your mind, you can effortlessly let it pass, knowing it cannot harm you. This is true liberation!