The 5D Society

Unlock Your Limitless Potential: A Global Sanctuary for Conscious Entrepreneurs Committed to Legacy, Transformation, and Spiritual Wealth.

Full-scale self-actualization

The 5D Society is holistically structured to build real, permanent progress. By beginning internally and moving outward with our monthly sprints, you take control of your inner monologue, find your alignment, build your habits, tap into flow and create and sustain your legacy. From deep somatic nervous-system experiences & programs to building business, personal & financial freedom, the Society is the holistic home of transformation and success for spiritual entrepreneurs.

A global community that levels up together

The Society is a global collective of Reality Hackers designed to support accelerated goal achievement, personal transformation, and the advancement of human consciousness. We understand that consciousness influences reality, both on a personal and global level, and that by working together we can achieve more, faster. 

Escape the hamster wheel

In today’s remote work world, most people experience cycles of isolation, overload, procrastination, lack of motivation and burnout. We call this the Self-Actualization Hamster Wheel, and the way to escape this endless loop is through the right mixture of structure, support and community. The Society is a platform that does just that.

Tools for accelerated self-actualization

The 5D Society is a community, goal achievement and both self-realization and self-actualization platform, accountability and support system, and resource network for spiritual entrepreneurs on a mission to bring their true potential into the world

Our approach is based on three core pillars:


Monthly goal manifesting framework and support system:

Personal, easy-to-follow manifestation plan for your goals

Group coaching sessions

Science-backed approach to achieving your goals as quickly as possible


Community of dedicated, like-minded Reality Hackers:

Network of people on the same mission

Benefit from collective momentum to keep you motivated

Share your journey with people who understand


Access to frameworks and resources to fast-track your goals:

Direct guidance from industry experts who have built real-life 7-figure businesses

Mentorship every step of the way

Easy-to-follow courses, frameworks and classes on building & manifesting wealth, health, legacy and other key life areas

Actualization Tracks


You will receive direct manifesting support from our network of multi million dollar business owners, builders, and more along with full access to our legacy manifesting products that have turned nearly 7 figures in revenue.


Recieve personalized business growth support from our team of 6 and 7 figure business owners. For SaaS, Coaches, Consultants, Ecommerce, Brick & Mortar owners. Receive personal help implementing business growth frameworks.


Our team of multi-decade high ticket closers teach you how to carry the ethics you need to remain integral while closing 5, 6 and 7 figure deals. Learn how to close for others or build your own closing business from launch to profit.


Learn how to implement AI into your business, or build a new business from the ground up with AI. Learn how to build low & high ticket products with AI, along with the development of SaaS platforms, growth focuses and more.



Explore the hidden codes of reality

Reality is a matrix. Underneath the illusion of matter lies the hidden codes of creation. We seek to understand and harness these codes for more optimized goal achievement and global change. Through data-driven frameworks, we leverage these codes to hack reality, transcending limitation and unleashing positive change in our personal lives and the humanity as a whole.

Membership includes:


Our monthly, community-driven self-actualization framework that supercharges your goals by 500%+ through an easy-to-follow manifestation plan, accountability, support and collective momentum. Every month we help you clarify your goals, break them down into a clear manifestation plan, then keep you motivated through the collective momentum of all Society members pursuing their goals together. This monthly cycle is called a Sprint, and it keeps you full of momentum through a science-based approach to goal achievement.


A like-minded community of dedicated goal achievers who are passionate about breaking boundaries, exploring consciousness, discovering reality’s hidden codes, and hacking reality. Our community hub is Discord, a chat-based platform that offers engaging, real-time communication with Society members. The community is vibrant and supportive, and you’ll no longer feel isolated and like you are going at your goals unsupported and alone.


 Our founders have been developing and refining reality hacking frameworks for over 7 years. You’ll get access to our library of courses and frameworks for manifesting, wealth-building, health and wellbeing, self-optimization, and more.


Bi-weekly group coaching sessions provide personalized and direct support in helping you eliminate blockages and optimize your manifesting. We’ve coached over 100,000 people, and understand how to laser target what is holding you back and quickly help you eliminate it. Coaching topics include manifesting, self-realization, optimization, wealth-building, business, and more.

Sessions are recorded and available for replay.

Join The Society

Get everything below for one monthly fee:

Membership Includes

  • Access to growing course & framework library for manifesting, wealth-building, skill-acquisition, and goal achievement
  • Sprints
  • Chat community
  • 2x group coaching/mo
  • 1x financial coaching/mo
  • 15% + Affiliate payouts
  • Reseller access
  • Access to exclusive programs

$24/mo Beta Price

Cancel anytime • Risk warning

A call to arms

The Society is for you if:

  • You’re dedicated to manifesting goals that positively impact the world
  • You love to explore hidden, esoteric knowledge and untapped potentials
  • You consistently challenge your own limited beliefs
  • You are seeking ways to connect with more like-minded individuals 
  • The quest for meaning, purpose and fulfillment are driving forces in your life

Experts at your fingertips

The Society is led by a team of passionate entrepreneurs who are actively building disruptive and large-scale projects in the tech, space tourism and consumer product fields, with a track record of over 5B in revenue, funding and financial management. Founded by Michael Gustin and Dave Smith, The Society is the exclusive membership arm of Reality Hacker, an organization with a mission to transform the consciousness of humanity. When you join The Society, you are joining an elite collective of big thinkers, innovators, and conscious creators, all at your fingertips to give you every shortcut in breaking the mold and manifesting your dreams.

Member results

Over the last 7+ years, we have served over 100,000 people in 150 countries. Here are a few words from our students and customers.

Extraordinary Program!
After checking out all manner of books and courses, this course actually delivered! I admit it took me much longer than 45 days for me to work through it, but that was because of me, not the course. Having followed in Neville Goddard’s and Ernest Holmes’s paths, I knew certain aspects of the I Am teachings, but not with the same depth and focus on experiential understanding. And I was not familiar with Lester Levenson, which was a new angle of focus. Now that I have completed the course, I am restarting the program again and know that there is much more to glean. Thank you so much for all of the education and value this program brought to me!

Peter M.   Verified Buyer

Worth Every Penny!
Great course! The steps to are laid out very well and you will be surprised at how limitations are holding you back. Thankfully this program goes beyond that and shows you how to go from wanting to being. It’s really easy once you know who you are and how to get there. This course puts you back in the driver seat where you belong and awakens everything that is already in you to begin with!!

Billy   Verified Buyer

Beyond Words
I was super reluctant to enroll in this course, not because of the money involved but because I was fed up of courses promising that this is the last ever course that I need to learn only to learn that I had fallen for a ****** marketing gimmick. No offense, most of the courses were great but they always kept me hanging for more and running behind the next shiny object. The I Am source experiment is the first and only course which actually overdelivered, it was way beyond what the description mentioned. The last 45 days have given me the most clarity than the 11 years of running behind religion, spirituality and every single modality that claimed to have the ‘answer’ could ever have given me. it has given me the gift of the question, it has taught me to be more and do less, it has taught me that I am enough, that all the answers are within and it was such a simple journey to embark upon with each day taking me deeper and deeper within myself and into a state of greater calm, bliss, knowing, joy and wonder than I could every have asked for. I literally cannot put this experience in words. All I can say to anyone wishing to explore creation, manifestation, themselves, life, the world, spirituality, awareness, consciousness or anything relation is – Just go for it!!! You can thank me later.

Wilma D.   Verified Buyer

I Love This!
Since finding reality hacker and starting bending reality, my entire reality has shifted /is currently shifting. My contract position at work became permanent with a raise, I am moving into my dream apartment, money just keeps flowing to me endlessly and I know I’m on the right path to beginning my dream relationship.

Ashley B.   Verified Buyer

A Huge Endless Thank You
I haven’t shared my wins from bending reality. Here are a few, manifested my highest paying job ever.. also used offloading to turn a learning circumstance in my favor, a last last minute weekend trip to San Diego and Mexico, and recently a man that’s very into me and takes me on dates. I’m much more relaxed about life and somehow my focus is manifesting the journey vs the things.

Patricia M.   Verified Buyer

The Power of You
This experience was thrilling, mind-bending, and ultimate incredibly cleansing-which was the aspect I took the most away from. I’ve worked with various techniques and schools of thought for some time, and this has been the only one that’s addressed the mechanics of YOU and the power that waits beneath the surface; as well as the love that defines everything that is. This program helps you clear away old patterns so you can do the work that MATTERS, literally. Don’t regret NOT changing your life Now.

Michael G.   Verified Buyer

As with everything created by Reality Hacker, Bending Reality exceeded expectations. Life-changing teachings and activation of the perfect state, all brilliantly executed. Connecting with your infinite nature could never be a bad investment.

Vanessa M.   Verified Buyer

Worth Every Penny!
Great course! The steps to are laid out very well and you will be surprised at how limitations are holding you back. Thankfully this program goes beyond that and shows you how to go from wanting to being. It’s really easy once you know who you are and how to get there. This course puts you back in the driver seat where you belong and awakens everything that is already in you to begin with!!

Billy   Verified Buyer

This Changed My Life
I am so thankful for this experience. I had gone through a very traumatic experience…at least for me it was traumatic. I was at a low point and decided to give law of attraction another go. Again it failed me and then I found Neville Goddard and the law of assumption. I learned non-duality and that I create everything in my 3d reality. Then I found Reality Hacker. This is the program that has helped me to become steadfast and remember everyday who I am and how powerful I am. I believe that this change is a process but persisting is worth it. Thank you so much for creating this amazing tool.

Heather   Verified Buyer

A Wonderful Course
I really enjoyed every single day of this journey. I feel like I’m manifesting a lot already. What you can do is related to how many of your mental shackles you have cast off. I’m still working on this part — consistently feeling as limitless as I know I am. But I’m getting there. Already reading through a second time.

M. Peacock   Verified Buyer

I have pursued a lot of different resources, courses, and learning around conscious manifestation and this is by far the most profound, simple, and delightful. I just finished and am about to start all over again… I have had several mystical/blissful experiences in the past 45 days unlike anything I had had before… I’m really amazed. Of course I believe it is all about right timing, and this arrived at the perfect time for me for it to be really juicy and hugely transformative.

Jane F.   Verified Buyer

From “Law of Attraction” Burnout to Manifestation Illumination
I’ve been in so many law of attraction courses, watched the movies, and read the books. It started off as a fascination, then an attempt to answer a cry for help as my life had turned into a nightmare of stress, weight gain, and failed dreams. It felt like something was missing from the other well intentioned courses. This course was filled with “ah ha” moments, and tears of joy, as I realized how much I had over complicated the process. I am a master at manifesting! Everything lined up with my faith. In fact, it strengthens my Christian beliefs, drawing attention to things the Bible said that I never understood fully until now. I was so excited about what I was learning that I would talk about it to everyone who would listen and I saw lightbulbs turn on in their heads too. I was so excited to complete each day that I would stay up, or wake up at 12:59am every morning so I could read the next lesson and experiment, digest it, and prepare for its implementation when I got ready to really start my day.

Phylicia   Verified Buyer

Join The Society

The community-driven self-actualization platform for spiritual entrepreneurs. Access includes Sprints, classes, courses, coaching and more. Starting at just $24/mo.

Don’t Give Up!
I’ve been studying LOA and manifestation for years, and I’d kind of lost my enthusiasm for it to be honest. I felt no energy or motivation to do any kind of work on myself, and my life and relationships suffered because of it. I had just about given up on everything when I found this. It sounded too good to be true, and you know how those things usually work out… but after a couple days of doing the experiments and the changes I was already seeing in myself and in the world around me, I knew I had stumbled onto something different. I actually was EXCITED for this work again, in a way I hadn’t been since back when I first discovered our power and ability to create and direct our lives. It felt awesome. I don’t often do reviews, but after the year we’ve all had, and how easy it feels to just give up, please give this a chance first. I can almost fully guarantee it will be worth it for you too.

Ella C.   Verified Buyer

The Keys To The Kingdom… For a Steal
I’ve taken a lot of courses, read a lot of books and studied with a lot of teachers…and the I Am Experience blows it all out of the water. The manifesting world of techniques, SPs, effort, endless instruction goes up in smoke when you embark on the Experience. To me, this is the way to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth — it goes way beyond the surface I-want-to-manifest-this-and-that level and takes you all the way to true freedom and joy. This program clues you into just how powerful you are and shows you what’s truly possible. The format is simple yet elegant and beyond effective. You’ll have the experience of expansiveness — you won’t just read about it. You’ll let go of the endless thinking and get out of your head and go beyond intellectual understanding. The price is beyond affordable and in regards to the value you receive, it’s a total steal. The “sales” copy for the program isn’t blowing smoke — this program is all of that AND more. If you’re ready to ditch the all of the hit or miss techniques and totally shift your perspective and live in the seat of your power, this program will help you drop all of the unnecessary work and get to the place of your wildest dreams. I had high expectations when I clicked the purchase button and this program exceeded them. It underpromises and overdelivers. I noticed a shift just after the first day and things just got better from there. Old beliefs have unraveled, blocks have fallen away, my perspective has shifted, life feels a lot more fun and free and I feel a deep well of joy. I want to recommend this to any and everyone, so that you can all experience the bliss that’s available to you. This is the best purchase I’ve ever made.

Diane   Verified Buyer

The magic of this course is the shift that happens when you come from Source versus effect. When you are in that space your mind stops all the chatter and you just are—not chasing after something, not worrying and not seeking—wonder takes over. I love it!

Val G.   Verified Buyer

This course was amazing! I combined it with the manifesting journal and a few books from Neville Goddard. My results are beyond belief…. I can literally manifest ANYTHING and I have from $$$ to things. Thank you!

Mike   Verified Buyer

Definitely Life Changing
I’ve just recently finished the course, and it was definitely life changing. I’m just excited to see how everything unfolds from here on out.

Johnathan L.   Verified Buyer

Incredible Journey!
This course has seriously changed my life. Each day I found myself more open, more optimistic, more patient and more compassionate. I cannot thank you enough for sharing this with people like me. I would suggest this for anyone seeking truth and inner love, for this is what you shall find.

Dana   Verified Buyer

This journey has redefined everything for me and sincerely changed the course of my life! Without struggle or disappointment, I’m confident that I will move on the direction of everything I want with tons of love, gratitude, and added surprises along the way. I know this cause it’s who I am, and I’ll never unlearn that now. In just days, my forever has been improved and I could not be anymore grateful!

Lauren  Verified Buyer

So Grateful
I have gained a new sense of reality. This course has planted in me the knowledge of my true essence, and I know that from now on nothing is like before.

Ben  Verified Buyer

A Must-Have Experience
Absolutely the most beautiful, life-changing and transformative experience. I cannot recommend this enough to all seekers who have been on the manifestation, personal growth and awakening path yet still finding themselves stuck. This was by far the best investment I’ve made on my own journey, as it finally brought me back home to fully knowing my true Self (who we all truly are) and allowed me to experience the real infinite power we all have in consciously creating our desired reality. The search has ended, as all is truly already here and within! The wholeness, satisfaction, completeness, joy and bliss I feel now on a consistent basis is unparalleled to only the occasional glimpses I’d get prior. The tremendous community support alongside the daily experiments has also been priceless for me. I’ll continue to revisit this course over and over again, for it really contains all the applicable tools I’ll ever need.

Arielle  Verified Buyer

Beyond Grateful
What a wonderful experience!!! I was hesitant to buy this because of my experience with other courses not living up to my expectations. This has by far exceeded my expectations. This has given me tools that I will no doubt use for the rest of my life, which is priceless. Thank you.

Agnes  Verified Buyer

Complete Gratitude!
WOW – this course was absolutely amazing. Everyday, I was finding new realizations – in depth. Just when I thought I couldn’t discover anything more, I’d be hit with something else. I still cannot believe how different I am than when I started. My life is completely changed – and you only know the true meaning behind this after taking the course. You may think that you’ve experienced something like this, but you haven’t. The entire time, I was thinking, “wow this course is worth wayyyyyy more than I paid. I’m getting all of this – experiments, group chats, and lots of love and support.” Everyone is going through the process with you and adding guidance along the way. That’s the best part of this entire course is being able to ask questions and seek advice – the instructors respond quickly and explain things in depth. It’s awesome!!!! I loved it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m just going to continue going through my experiments and returning to the face group chat for more discoveries 🙂

Chrisa H.  Verified Buyer

Join The Society

The community-driven self-actualization platform for conscious creators. Access includes Sprints, classes, courses, coaching and more. Starting at just $24/mo.

Frequently asked questions

What is included in The Society?
We offer one level of membership. Full benefits include:

• Course & framework library for manifesting, wealth-building, and goal achievement
• Sprints
• Chat community
• Group coaching
• Personal accountability partner
• Perks – 25% discount on all Reality Hacker products, Ambassador program, and more

What if I can’t make the live sessions?
Don’t worry if you can’t make it—all sessions and classes are recorded and available for replay after the event. This allows you to watch on your own time.

Who is The Society for?
The Society is for deeply ambitious spiritual entrepreneurs who are committed to leaving a legacy.

How do I cancel?
Cancelling your membership is easy—just log into your account on our site and navigate to your Account Dashboard, where you’ll see an option to cancel under the Subscriptions section.

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