How To Make This Whole Thing Easy

Wanna make this really easy on yourself?

By “this” I mean life? Manifestation?

So that you don’t have to mess with all those repetitive methods and techniques… 

That you’d rather not do anyway?

First, a warning;

I’m about to go deep.

Perhaps deeper than you’ve gone before.

I’m about to share what other law of attraction teachers won’t, 

Or haven’t yet discovered.

If you follow, your life will change forever.

This I can promise you.

So if you’re ready, read on…

So… how to make life, manifestation… easy?

The answer is simple:

Decide you are not the doer.

Decide it is not “you” who does anything…

But instead, it is life that takes care of itself…

Your desires, your problems, everything. Taken care of.

Because here’s the thing:

“You” is just a mental construct anyway;

The real You is consciousness.

The problem is, we have been taught that this sense of “I am this person living in this world,”

Which one could call the personality,

Is the one that “does”… that takes action…

That makes things happen.

Start looking into what you truly are,

And you’ll find that this sense of personhood is nothing more than mental stories.

The “you” that you’ve built, and continue to refine,

Is a total illusion.

You are consciousness alone.

And consciousness contains everything.

The beauty of this is,

You start to realize that since this sense of personhood is only as real as the stories you tell yourself,

Then action itself must also be only as real as the stories you tell about it.

If there is no real “person” then there is no real action…

It is all simply movement of consciousness.

You only think action is required because that’s the story you tell.

And once you begin breaking down this illusion, you begin to experience…

That consciousness has the answers to everything,

And consciousness takes care of everything…

On its own.

When you allow it to.

And you can literally sit back and watch it happen.

So, again I ask you, want to make it easy?

Drop it all.

Just totally drop it.

Late last year I started to realize that I was tired of having to try and imagine everything I wanted in this world,

Because every time I imagined something I would be torn between two worlds…

Knowing consciousness creates reality,

And believing action is also required.

You can’t have both.

And while you continue to believe in both,

You struggle. And force. And search. And remain frustrated.

See, all of the great mystics and masters throughout history, the ones who have spoken from the highest levels of experience and truth,

Have held “be not the doer” as a core tenet of ultimate freedom and self-realization.

So I figured, if what I’m searching for is this state of ultimate freedom they speak of,

I better figure out how to experience this.

I took their words and, through experimentation, turned them into experience.

I tested myself, as mystic Neville Goddard always said.

And the more I dropped the beliefs of doership,

The more everything began to work out…

On its own.

I don’t even have to imagine it “as real.”

Desire needs no additive…

It only needs allowance.

Recognizing yourself as not the doer allows nature to take its course.

I know this is difficult, believe me, I know…

“Doing” is a survival tactic… a mechanism…

And once we begin to let go of doing,

The “what if’s” come up…

All of them.

But this is actually a good thing;

All of these survivalist beliefs are the very things that are holding us back,

And so when they come up we are finally able to let them go.

This is a wonderful exercise because every time we let one of these beliefs go…

We realize it was a lie.

A compulsion.

That had absolutely no basis.

When you begin to let go of doership,

You begin to discover what exists just behind the sense of doing…

Your infinite Self.

You find the secret of life is that all you need to do is BE,

And the rest happens on its own.

(Including desire and its expression)

And that Beingness is “god” itself…

It’s infinite,

It’s beyond this world,

It’s beyond time,

It’s beyond birth and death,

It’s beyond all experience.

It just is. Forever and ever.

These days, most of my life just happens.

I’m marveled by the miracles that occur when I release doership and let it happen.

It still surprises me every time…

Every day…

Because it’s just so darn easy.

I release doership of any desire and it comes into form… on its own.

Isn’t that what we’re all searching for,

To feel happy and free,

While everything works itself out?

So don’t fall for the belief that you need to do anything…

Including all the mental gymnastics all these LOA methods have you do.

Chances are, they are holding you back.

So how do you discover your non-doership…

So that manifestation can happen easily, effortlessly, and on its own?

The only way there is…

(And the only way that worked for me)


Introducing the I Am Experience – 45 days of law of attraction experiments…

To get you finally experiencing how easy it all can be.

I’ll leave you with this quote by American master Lester Levenson,

From a lecture about being not the doer:

“Lock yourself in a chamber and pad-lock it and if you will do what I am saying,
you will find that what you want will be effected.”

The beauty of life is you can make it easy… or hard…

Action or no action is simply a belief…

It’s your choice. 

If you choose easy, I invite you to take the journey with us.

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