How To Manifest All Manifestation In An Instant

Have you ever felt like you know the principles of metaphysics and law of attraction, but in implementation you still struggle?

Are there certain circumstances in your life that just don’t seem to change, no matter what you do?

In learning the art of conscious manifestation, the shift from intellectual understanding to fully embodied experience is one that leaves many searching and struggling for years.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way—the shift into total freedom and mastery can be instantaneous! (Yes, you read that right.)

The problem is not that you don’t understand the principles, or that you need some new technique or method, or that you are missing anything at all—

It’s that you simply need to shift your PERSPECTIVE.

If this sounds simple, it’s because it is—this is the key that is quite literally hiding in plain sight, yet mostly goes unnoticed.

And once it’s found, it is the one key that instantly resolves everything;

All searching, all questioning, all doubting, all wondering how, instantly dissolves into total, embodied knowing…

That you, right here, right now, have complete mastery over what you have created, and what you desire to create, in your life.

This is what we call the Big Shift. And it’s the only thing standing in your way.

So what is this shift? And is this even possible? Let’s dive in…


Let’s begin with where most of us get stuck—we can call this The Search.

We’ll use our fictitious subject Jimmy as our example:

Let’s say Jimmy first hears of the law of attraction. Intrigued, he thinks , “Sounds interesting, I would really love for that to be true—it gives me hope for the future!”

With a new sense of possibility and potential, Jimmy is excited. And so over the next few months Jimmy spends hours studying, implementing, practicing…

But soon, Jimmy finds his circumstances are not seeming to change as they could. Something seems to be stuck. Something seems to be missing.

And so, being the ambitious person he is, Jimmy moves on to the next technique, the next teacher, the next method—and on, and on, a never-ending cycle of searching, never seeming to find that missing piece.

Sound familiar? It is; this is The Search, and most of the law of attraction and metaphysics community is stuck here!

Why is The Search so pervasive? The manifesting techniques available to us are endless; is it that the techniques themselves are missing something, or that we ourselves are missing something?

The answer is the latter—sort of.

We are missing something, but not fundamentally; what we are missing is only in perspective.

What we are missing is the truth of who and what we really are; that we are the answer peering into itself, both the question and the answer rolled into one. It’s a matter of identity.

This search for mastery is only escaped when one releases the separate body-world identity, the very identity which manifests The Search itself, to reveal what lies beyond—the infinite Self, the Creator Consciousness, the Absolute Reality.

And there’s good news—this shift is not some mystical mountain of enlightenment that must be climbed. It can happen instantly, right now, with one simple recognition:

The recognition—the noticing—that the ENTIRE universe exists WITHIN your consciousness;

And with that, the realization that if something is within you, then it must BE you.

This is why we call this the Big Shift: It is when all questioning instantly dissolves into one simple, elegant answer—ALL CREATION IS, IN SUBSTANCE, YOU.

You are both the question and the answer, the creator and the created, the perceiver and the perceived, rolled into one.

Therefore, recognizing yourself to be the substance of everything, which once you see you cannot deny, a revelation of perspective effortlessly dawns upon you—

Because everything I can imagine or perceive is “I,” then it is self-evident that I am already everything I desire to be. It is literally impossible for me to not be everything right now.

And in an instant, all searching, all doubting, all resistance and all limitation dissolve into pure, infinite, all-knowing potential;

A knowing, an experiencing, that you are already the master, creating this world in the way you’ve always created it—through your thoughts and feelings.

It’s an exhilarating experience to make this discovery, because after a lifetime of searching you realize everything you need is already here, and all searching was only a fruitless and foolish endeavor. The great cosmic joke! 

Then from here, it’s no longer a question of how, because you instantly see the how that has always been; it’s only a matter of, “What do I want to create?”


While this shift into mastery is always instantaneous, it is often the revealing of it that is a journey.

Peeling back and releasing the layers of limitation is the only path that can be taken; because you are already this limitless creator, masterfully manifesting limitation.

And thus is your only duty—to reveal yourself to yourself.

This process can be quick and formulaic. It’s as simple as can be; it only takes observing what isn’t real, in order to reveal what is real.

To assist you in this process, we’ve created a 45-day journey that mirrors the process we engineered in our personal lives to quickly achieve the Big Shift. You need not spend years discovering and mastering your true power to create—only a few weeks of simple experiments will do the trick.

Learn more about the I Am Experience here

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