How To Stop Fighting Your Thoughts And Start Manifesting With Ease


We often spend so much effort fighting our thoughts, states and beliefs.

Why do they feel stuck? Like they are so solid we cannot seem to move past them? It really doesn’t matter why…

What matters is that you realize you are greater than them, and with the right direction of “looking” can watch them dissolve into thin air.

When you observe your thoughts, beliefs, fears or worries without judgment or meaning, something happens.

Take a thought you feel stuck with, a thought that feels so solidly real, and just look at it for what it is.

What is it? A thought. That’s it.

That’s it!

Just keep your attention on it, as if you are just watching it through a window.

And very quickly you’ll see it for what it is, just an image in your mind… and it will dissolve on it’s own.

If you do this diligently enough, you’ll reach a point where all thoughts evaporate—because they no longer have power—and something quite striking will remain…

Your Self…

The infinite consciousness that is You.

These are the types of simple experiments we guide you in through our 45-day experience.

Every day is a simple experiment that progressively shifts your state of being and understanding of who you are and how you manifest…

Breaking down the barriers of limitation hiding in your mind one by one.

Try this for just a few days and your life will change.

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