How To Transcend Time & Awaken The Master Within

One of the most significant things you can do to improve your manifesting by exponential degrees is this:

LIBERATE yourself from the concept of time.

The thing with our concept of time is that it so often single-handedly derails our conscious manifesting.

Have you ever found it difficult to stay in a state or vibration?

Have you ever found yourself wondering how it will happen, or what needs to be done?

Have you ever found yourself doubting or worrying?

Have you ever found yourself frustrated that it hasn’t come?

If you notice, these are all due to our concept of, and incessant focus on, time.

This doesn’t mean that you must walk around like a zombie or wander through life without goals…

It’s actually quite the contrary.

Your concept of the time is what causes you to struggle, suffer, fear and worry…

Which dulls your moment to moment experience,

And robs your most potent ability to manifest your goals.

Transcend time, and you instantly step into your infinite power.

So how does one transcend time? Seem impossible, right?

Here’s how to make it simple…

Realize, through direct observation, that time never actually existed.

It was always a lie!

Let’s do an experiment:

Let’s take a moment to look at time, to see what we can observe about it.

If you look, can you actually find the past?

Can you point to something objective and say with certainty, “That is the past…”?

And likewise, if you look, can you find the future?

Can you point to something objective and say with certainty, “That is the future…”?

Try it and see.

No? Good, read on…

When you look at the past and future for what they are—NOTHING MORE than a thought in your mind…

Something incredible happens.

Eventually, with enough practice, a switch will suddenly go off within you…

All of a sudden, you will find yourself suspended in a boundless ocean of stillness, a total embodiment of the present moment Now…

Realizing, with total amazement, that this is all there ever was, all there ever is, and all there ever will be.

And it’s everything.

You’ll see that the present moment Now is the space from which ALL sense of time occurs…

All experience occurs…

All existence occurs…

And all that worrying about the future never really existed…

It was only ever an illusion.

You’ll see that life is ONLY the present moment Now experiencing itself moment to moment.

And with that, all doubt, worry, frustration and fear instantly—and permanently—melt away.

Because none of this can exist when there is no mental attention given to “time.”

Once this realization solidifies into place,

You’ll find the desires you were working so hard to enter, to believe in, to manifest…

Suddenly start growing within you…

On their own…

In full clarity…

Full of life…

Like watching a seed you planted grow.

And there’s nothing you need to do,

Because Now is all there is.

It’s already finished.

And what a relief that is.

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It’s time to awaken the master within.

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