Revelations For a True Awakening


When you really look at what time is, you realize it’s only an idea of the mind.

One can never find time or prove it exists, beyond the memory of events, which is only ever accessed and experienced in the Now.

You can live beyond time once you discover and embody your infinite Self, because this aspect of you lives beyond time.

What this is experienced as is that there is only the Now, a still container within which experience happens.

When you identify with the body and the world, you experience time…

When you identify with the Self that is outside of time, you experience total stillness as the world moves on top of this stillness.

Time is only a result of identity.

This state of timelessness comes with a peace that can never be experience while identified as the body living within a time-based reality…

Because where there’s time, there will always be lack.


Once the concept of time is seen for what it is, you realize there is actually no such thing as an “appointed hour” for desires to manifest.

The concept of an appointed hour is simply a tool to help train the mind to have patience and faith.

But since time is only a concept, if you believe in its steadfastness then you experience delay in manifestation, you experience the appointed hour.

However, strip time from your vocabulary of feeling and manifestation can be instant.

If you read the book Autobiography of a Yogi there are many stories of instant materialization, that defy physics and time-based reality.

I have a few of my own, which only increase the more I explore these revelations.

A personal story is last year I decided I was going to have my dream car, a car that was WAY out of my price range.

I made the decision, I found the car with the perfect specs, I inquired to the dealer… all without any concept of time in my mind, it didn’t even occur to me.

I woke up the next morning with a notification of $12,000 that was being sent to me, from a source I had no prior knowledge of.

Because I didn’t have any concept of time within my being, and only held the thought of “this is me, now,” reality shifted effortlessly and nearly instantaneously to express it. The Law of Attraction isn’t the right term for this, but it is the easiest and most relatable to share with you.


Because there is no time, there is no such thing as birth or death.

Again, these are just concepts within the body-world belief.

When you see that you are the still and eternal Now upon which all of your world is playing as a movie, you see how birth was just an image in the mind, as will be death…

And regardless of what happens within that image, you, the real You, is unaffected.

Liberating yourself from the concept of time automatically liberates you of the concept of birth, which then liberates you of the concept of death.

And then, the only thing that is remaining is the glorious, infinite and limitless You, unaffected by what might appear to be happening within the image of reality.

All is just an image in the mind, which as you know can be manipulated (as in imagination).


As you begin to identify with your still, Now Self, you see how events are not happening TO or FROM your body.

You begin to see how everything in your image of the world (the awareness of your reality a a whole as you look through your body’s eyes), is happening as one unfolding of life.

Me sitting here writing this, and you a short time after reading this, is not “me doing something for you…”

In fact, it’s not even me imagining something and you experiencing my imagining…

We both created this together, our eternal Nows aligned and together we are experiencing an unfolding of one singular event.

The significance in this is I don’t need to move my body to do anything to achieve a desired result, because, as the infinite Self that is anchored in the still Now, all I’m doing is watching the event unfold, my body being no more significant in this play than yours or the computers between them.

I need not have identification with any body, as long as I strip my experience down to the basic reality, my eternal stillness, my eternal existence/beingness.

So, from the perspective of the still, timeless Now, there is no “doing…”

Only being and thinking, as bodies and matter move to reflect that thinking.

All is unfolding as one experience of “life.”


As you watch the world arise and fall from the still, timeless Now, you see that everything is nothing more than a thought.

The only “non-thought” I suppose would be pure existence… the “I” of you that is the perceiver, the “I” that comes before the mind.

So everything you thought you were, from personality to past experience, is simply a thought held in the Now.

This was pretty startling when I realized it, because I realized I had clung for all my life to “who I am.”

Makes total sense, because we are taught to cling to our “strengths and weaknesses,” because it provides us a sense of stillness and security within a constantly changing world.

However, when you realize that the real You is that stillness and security you’ve always been looking for, you are able to finally embody it and let go of the “less than ideals” that you had been clinging to.

And from here, from the wonderful, limitless, blank canvas that you are, you can decide exactly who you want your body-self to be… how you want your world to be… and exactly how you want your experience to be.


I’ll end this with a realization that all exploration and seeking within the world will always be looking in the wrong direction.

Science requires that physical law must be unchanging for it to be truth. However, science itself is always changing.

Even the law of gravity has changed over the last century.

And thus the world as a whole is always changing. People change. Their stories change. Their discoveries and beliefs change.

And so you cannot look out into the world—which is always just an every-changing image in the mind—to find unchanging truth.

If you hold steadfast to finding what DOESN’T change, you will find everything you are looking for.

Because we all have a part of us that never changes… the part of us we are always seeking under the disguise of happiness…

And so if we hold ourselves to the standards of scientific inquiry, we must only look to what doesn’t change to find steady ground upon which to lay our foundation.

All you need is your own self to discover what you are looking for.

Teachers are only useful in guiding you on where to look, to expand your idea of what is possible so you are open to finding it for yourself.

Which is why we seek to not tell you “how it is,” or point to anyone’s beliefs and say, “you are wrong…”

But instead invite you into a picture of what is possible, and guide you (through experiences like our I Am Experience) to discover each step for yourself.

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