Root Yourself In The Infinite And Manifesting Is Effortless


One of the most frustrating things for seekers is the meaning of I AM.

From Neville, to the Indian yogis, to the Bible and so on, I AM has been a fundamental concept within these teachings for ages.

We are told I AM is the bottom state, the infinite Self, the power we are that is the root of all creation.

And so naturally, if it’s the wellspring of our infinite power, tapping into this power would make any manifestation of desire effortless, wouldn’t you think?

The problem is, I AM is not a “sensed” state…. it’s beyond consciousness… it’s the very “I” that is the one who is at the root of all sensing.

But since I AM cannot be sensed like the body, the trees, and the sky are sensed… then how can I AM be established? How can true power be embodied?

Again, this is where we have been told to “just be.” But again, this instruction is confusing… because we are so used to being identified as the limited body, and so “just be” is a foreign endeavor… just “being present” as the body will not get us there.

An effective exploration is to look at what you are NOT… in order to embody the identify of what you are, the infinite Self.

It’s sort of like backing into the infinite state by looking the other way.

Let’s try this…

Are you the body? You are observing the body, so you are not.

Are you the present moment? You are observing the present moment, so you are not.

Are you consciousness? You are observing consciousness (everything within your awareness), so you are not.

As you ask yourself what you are not, you find yourself deepening into the state of what you are…

Because what you are is the pure beingness, the pure stillness, the pure love and completeness, that is beyond all this…

You are the one looking in and witness all that is sensed… you are the source of it all.

From this state, being beyond all that is sensed, you realize you are simultaneously beyond everything, yet everything is within you, yet everything is you.

Which is why Neville said, “the world you experience with your senses, is nothing but you pushed out.”

If the world is “you pushed out,” then you must be beyond the world, no?

If you were of the world, there is nothing to push out, like trying to push a water molecule through the ocean…

So you must be BEYOND the world in order for it to be a reflection of you.

As you settle into your infinite Self through this type of questioning, it’s an experience like no other…

When I first experienced this I realized how I never knew what is was like to truly relax and be at peace. Man, you realize how much of a chaotic cluster of thoughts you were!

You begin to see—because you are beyond all, you are timeless and ever-present. Nothing can affect you. And because of this, you cannot help but become filled with love and compassion for all. True liberation.

And from this state, there is no resistance to any desire. Living from this state allows desires to arise and materialize, without effort.

In fact you see your body and the world moving, all in beautiful harmony, while you stay identified with the stillness that is the eternal You.

As long as you remain identified with the body and surrounding world, there is struggle, effort, resistance, suffering and lack.

But as soon as you find yourself beyond the entire bubble of consciousness, find that all is within you, and that all is well… there are no limits to what can manifest in this universe within you.

These are the types of experiments we guide you in through in our 45-day experience…

This is how we can best serve you… to guide you toward looking within, to discover all that you’ve been searching for.

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