Stop Trying To Manifest—Do This Instead

The number one problem with most law of attraction teachings is that they teach you to continue to “do.”

They’re teaching you to do all of these things in order to manifest. And the problem with this is not that you’re “doing”… 

The problem is that the doing is never the root of what you’re getting… 

It is your being that is the root of what you are getting. Because your being is the root of what you are doing.


Charles Haanel, one of Napoleon Hill’s mentors, said that a man could only do to the extent that he can be, and a man can only be to the extent that he is, and what a man is, is determined by his self-image, and his self-image being everything that he is consenting to as true about himself.

What we don’t understand about the law of attraction is that we’re not really ever attracting everything.

We’re simply generating. We are generating in the same way a generator will generate power inside of itself and transfer that to another location, a building, a truck.

We also generate experiences based upon our state of consciousness.

So, the whole thing here is getting way beyond the doing aspect and getting into the being aspect. Because if we can be, we will naturally do. How awesome would it be to stop struggling with figuring out how to take the right action, what action to take?

What if you could just trust that you would take the right action and generate the results that you want? And this is what living from the end truly means.

It means that living in such a confident state of being, that the action that comes and the result that is a result of the action, both carry the same substance of the beingness that created them.

You’ll often notice that if you’re trying to do affirmations and writing “I am rich” and carrying all these vision boards, more often than not, you’re not feeling very aligned. Sure, you may for a couple seconds, but then you go back during the day, you say, “Yeah, I’m not really feeling that.”

It is because you’re doing, you’re attempting to do, instead of shifting your being, shifting your state of consciousness.


So, how do we begin to allow the doing to be something we have faith in? And the results that come from that rather than struggling with, “Oh, man, I just sat in this state. I’m kind of impatient,” blah, blah, blah. How do we get out of all this confusion and this mess?

The first piece to this…

the first piece to ending the struggle of manifestation is coming into an awareness of being, of your true nature.

If you come into the awareness of being that you are infinite, that you are divine, that you are consciousness, which encapsulates everything that is and goes beyond it, it’s impossible for you to live in lack.

It is impossible for you to perceive lack if you are already perceiving yourself to be the source of being itself.

So, you’re no longer doing to try and get.

You’re understanding that you are the very source of being that you and the thing that you want come into being from.

So, you’re not the body and you’re not the thing you want.

You are the thing that both of these things come from. A parent, so to speak. You are the infinite creative power of the universe. But you have identified yourself as a human, right?

So, you can continue to do these affirmations, your Feel It Real sessions, your state akin to sleep, all that good stuff.

As long as you are continuing to perceive yourself as an individual trying to gain other individual things, you’re going to have a tremendously tough time manifesting. Because when you’re in that place of individuality, you’re naturally worried about action and discipline and all this and all that. “What do I need to do? What do I need to do? Do I need to do this? Do I need to do that? Have I been affirming enough? Have I been writing “I am rich” enough?”

And it just makes it really hard.

So instead, you simply come back to the awareness of being God, the awareness of being.

The creative power from which the entire universe lives and moves, and has its being.

And you’ll find a couple things happen.

Resistance drops because you can’t perceive lack where you’re not perceiving separation.

It’s impossible.

You cannot perceive lack if you are not perceiving separation.

This is the eureka.

This is the epiphany. That you can have everything you want the moment you realize that you actually are already it, and any perception that separates it from you is the very “sin” that is keeping you from the thing you’re wanting. How about that for a mind-changer?

And when we begin to really integrate this into our daily lives, we begin to find a lot of really cool things start happening.

We find a lot more synchronicities, we find a lot more flow.
We find a lot more things just unfold in ways we could have never perceived, but ways that are perfect for us.
We’re no longer struggling with figuring out how to act and what action to take and what things to do. And it’s just all complicated.

Just drop all of the complications.
Drop all the complications. 

Live in the awareness of being divine, the awareness of being consciousness, that which everything comes into being from, the source, the very tangible source of power, that the universe itself comes to life and animates itself to life from.

This epiphany changes everything.

You nail this, you won’t have to worry about affirmations.

People ask me, “Well, what are your methods? What are your tips? What are your tricks? What do you do?” I say, “I don’t really do anything. I just accept my desire because I know I’m God.”

I know that I am divine.
I know that I am consciousness.
I know that I am whole, and I deserve anything that I want because I am the source from which anything that I could want comes into being from.

That’s the miracle.

And when you get this, everything changes.

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