Turning Your Spiritual Awakening Into A Legacy In 2023: How To Make All The Impact & Money You Want Without Sacrificing Your Values

The year 2023 seems to have ignited a heightened wave of spiritual awakening, a phenomenon not restricted by any religion or cultural belief system.

In my own experience, the journey has been unique and transformational, evolving from my initial spiritual encounter back in 2011 at a church in Southern Ohio to experiencing oneness with the cosmos in Missouri.

As thrilling as the concept of spiritual awakening may seem, the reality can often be grueling, especially when there’s the task of reliving those epiphanies continually. For those burdened with trauma, the journey can feel even more cumbersome.

Indeed, society often neglects the darker, more profound aspect of spirituality, confronting and accepting the parts of ourselves we would rather ignore. This self-realization could potentially break the persistent cycle of self-deception that hinders our progress as a species.

What Real Progress Looks Like

In a bid to make progress, we must confront aspects of our identity that instill guilt, shame, bitterness, and hatred. These are undoubtedly intricate subjects that many never truly comprehend due to the murky depths required to unearth them.

My journey through the layers of self-awareness and spiritual awakening has unveiled an essential truth: action alone does not generate outcomes; consciousness does.

Your subconscious and conscious mind work in tandem to formulate and express ideas, affecting every aspect of your life, including your entrepreneurial endeavors.

Startling statistics show that a majority of businesses close their doors within the first decade of operation, largely due to inconsistencies within the business strategy.

Unfortunately, without a self-image that aligns with what you’re trying to create, maintaining a successful venture becomes an uphill battle.

For many, consistency is linked to deep-seated issues dating back to childhood. To overcome these obstacles, a system of natural dopamine increase attainment is crucial.

Natural dopamine, produced through simple activities such as walks, hikes, healthy eating, or gym workouts, can facilitate your self-improvement journey by providing a regular, healthy boost to your mood.

This helps to create a conducive internal environment as you embark on rewiring your neural pathways and restructuring your nervous system.

Understanding that spiritual awakening does not exempt you from the laws of existence is also important.

Even after profound realizations, the principle that your beliefs shape your reality remains unaltered. In light of this, the importance of defining your values becomes clearer.

Your values, be they freedom, integrity, abundance, or others, influence your legacy and your impact.

Embrace your spiritual awakening and learn to harness its power for self-improvement and growth.

The journey will be multi-dimensional, allowing you to continually refine your vision, impact, and legacy.

With consistency, a healthy regimen of natural dopamine boosting activities, and a keen understanding of your values, you can navigate your spiritual awakening towards achieving greater heights.

Remember, every spiritual journey requires work, and every work is facilitated by a healthy human lifestyle.

Balancing both aspects is key to progress. So, embrace the opportunity for continual spiritual refinement, and as you do, don’t forget to stay in touch with your human roots.

In the end, spiritual awakening isn’t just about realizing you’re one with the universe—it’s about using that realization to inspire and enact tangible change within yourself and the world around you.

Your spiritual journey, like mine, is unique, but by leveraging these insights, you can turn your awakening into a tool for personal and societal transformation.

There are so many ways to begin that transformation on a logistics level.

In The Society, one of our many transformational modalities is offering trading signals.

Our resident trading expert sends signals – guiding our members when to buy or sell, essentially turning the complex world of trading into a breeze.

With an impressive success rate of 90%, and a remarkable 800% profit for July alone, we’ve proven our strategies work. Spend just an hour with us each morning and you could set yourself up for financial success, paving the way for an unprecedented level of time freedom.

But what if trading isn’t for you?

What if coaching or consulting isn’t for you?

Maybe drop shipping isn’t your cup of tea?

Fear not, I believe in harnessing the power of your unique values.

Values & Your Why

It’s time to dig deep, beyond surface level values like family or job security.

I encourage you to acquire and build skills that align with these values, and we support you in exploring different avenues that may suit you better. After all, success comes in many shapes and sizes.

If you’re motivated by building a lasting legacy, we’ve got you covered.

It’s more than just hard work – it’s about passion and a strong, driving “why”. This kind of ambition requires more than blood, sweat, and tears – it needs purpose and perseverance.

My own journey with Reality Hacker, a project I’ve been nurturing for over seven years, stands testament to this.

The secret? Having a clear and powerful “why”.

Without it, you risk burnout and losing sight of what truly matters. The “why” is what guides you, prevents burnout, and keeps you focused on your end goals.

Legacy creation isn’t confined to a single path.

Your unique values and the impact you want to create should act as a compass, guiding your choices.

Often, the dreams of our childhood hold insights into our adult ambitions.

For me, my dreams of speaking to large audiences and exploring space led me to establish SkyTech, a venture aimed at revolutionizing our experience on Earth and beyond.

Despite personal challenges and hardships, I’ve taken the worst and best of my life experiences and used them to shape my ventures, with the ultimate goal of benefiting not only myself, but those around me.

My objective is to help humanity evolve, and for us to leave behind the issues that have plagued our species for centuries.

The desire for time freedom isn’t about avoiding work – it’s about making space for work that genuinely matters to us. It’s about having the ability to make a real impact, and leave a room knowing you made a difference.

It’s about igniting a spark of change that keeps burning long after you’ve left.

Building your legacy isn’t dependent on your current skills.

I created SkyTech from a dream, dropped out of college, and still found the right people to build my dream with.

It’s all about clarity on your values, and the courage to move in the direction that resonates with you.

You can acquire any skill you need, be it marketing, copywriting, or negotiating deals. All of this knowledge can be found online, or within The Society.

It’s not just about you only maintaining your personal time, but also to thrive in life, by identifying and aligning with the values that matter most to you.

Unveiling your purpose, realizing your potential, and aligning with your true self could be one of the most rewarding journeys you embark upon.

It is an essential step not only for your personal growth but also for those around you – your family, friends, colleagues, and even our species at large.

You are capable, talented, and above all, worthy.

Your past experiences and circumstances that have shaped you are not your fault.

But your responsibility lies in how you leverage what has happened, how you respond to it, and what you transform it into. Understand that the past is unchangeable, but you hold the power to alter its effects on your nervous system and your life.

Reflecting on my own journey, I was placed in 20 foster homes before I even turned seven. It’s a past I can’t change.

But, what I did have control over was turning that experience into something transformative – into something that could help kids who were in my position, steer clear from becoming another statistic.

I took on the responsibility to try and decrease the statistics of kids going through foster care and ending up in drug addiction or jail, prison. The way I handled my past was a personal choice and so is the case for you.

Your spiritual awakening, your trauma, your life experiences – how you respond to all of it is your responsibility.

Your decisions today, tomorrow, and forever will determine how you take on this responsibility.

And remember, you’re not alone in this. We are here to support you, guide you, and help you reach where you want to be. Feel free to send in your questions, share your thoughts, and we will be there for you every step of the way.

Your journey matters, your legacy matters, your impact matters.

The decision to step into your legacy can bring about massive positive change for humanity.

On the other hand, choosing to play small can have adverse effects, perpetuating the issues that plague our species. This may seem like a heavy burden to bear, but it is merely the reality.

The question for you is – As a human embodiment of divine consciousness, how can you make the biggest impact?

Stepping into your purpose does more than just benefiting you – it reverberates through humanity, affecting the world in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

Your path to purpose and impact is one of immense value. Embrace it, explore it, and you will find yourself transforming into a beacon of change.

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  1. great article. you used some of my words. words i say to others and to myself. I need the direction and the mentorship to realize my dreams. my legacy and dreams are trapped in space at the moment. thanks for your words and your life experiences to bring this to us.