A Change In Consciousness Is Omnipresent

For anyone who has studied metaphysics, it’s no secret that your reality is an expression of your states of consciousness.

You change your state or vibration, and your reality changes to reflect it. At least that’s what you hope will happen!

For most, this practice produces inconsistent results at best. Often, trying to get into these elevated states, and trying to persist in them, requires effort.

Which leaves you thinking, there must be a better way!

This is why so many people feel stuck at a manifesting plateau, a stage of growth where you seem to hit a wall. In fact, this is so common we call it The Plateau.

Here’s why this happens:

Too often, the focus is on the body. You change your body’s state of feeling. You change your body’s vibration.

But here’s the problem with this… you are not your body!

When you believe a state of consciousness is ONLY localized to your body, you are significantly limiting your potential. Stay with me and I’ll show you how…

“What you do not know is that the entire universe is your body… the entire creation is your universal body.”

— Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Here’s what I want you to notice:

When you enter a certain state of consciousness, when you raise your vibration, when you express a certain emotion, the feeling is not confined to the body.

The feeling is omnipresent.

Just try it—ask yourself how it would feel for a specific desire to be fulfilled, or welcome a sense of gratitude into your being…

And notice. Just see what you can observe.

Do you notice how the feeling expresses in your body, but is also greater than your body?

Try to find edges to this feeling… can you find any?

Although the feeling is focused in the body, doesn’t it seem to permeate far beyond that?

And here’s where it gets good:

If you really observe, you’ll find that any feeling you carry pervades your entire reality. You feel it in the body, but that’s not where it ends.

When we really observe, we can only conclude that the feeling is omnipresent. It’s not only our body that comes alive with feeling, it’s our entire reality.

And with this comes a profound revelation…

Our true body, the who and what we really are, is the universe itself. Our true body is the entire creation of reality.

Woah! Drink that in for a moment.

So, here’s how this changes everything about manifesting:

As you carry different states of consciousness throughout each day, you are not just affecting your localized human body; you are affecting the ENTIRE UNIVERSE.

In other words, a change of state or vibration is a change in the entire universe.

See how that makes things a whole lot easier?

So instead of manifesting from the place of “I am this body trying to enact change in the world,” drop that sense of limitation. It doesn’t do you any good.

Rather, notice your omnipresence; and yes, as we’ve found, it’s easy to observe. Then allow this to drive the place, the identity, from which you manifest:

“I am the universe expressing a reflection of my consciousness.”

See the difference?

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