Are We Greater Than Our Personality?

Most people’s biggest problem, the root cause of anxiety and worry and every other ailment is the idea, the belief that “I am the personality.”

Because when you are the personality, you are all of the thoughts, feelings, and body sensations that come up with it. 

Identifying as the personality itself creates a conditional cycle of living in every area, because the personality is never of its own; it is codependent on signs, symbols and assignments of meaning to help it function. 

The personality itself is the inception of thought, and the very first self-definition, “I am this body.” The personality reflects our deepest, fundamental beliefs about ourselves.

The problem with this line of thinking is that through inquiry, we ultimately discover that the personality can be observed, as though it’s being watched from something that is beyond itself. With zero emotional attachment.

This is where we really begin to dive into real transformation—by approaching the age old question, “who Am I?”

As long as you are inside of something, you cannot really transform the fullness of it. However, as soon as you recognize something to be—in its fullness—inside of you, it is free to be molded every which way. Without effort.

If you can observe your personality, you are not the personality itself, but something that is beyond, and greater than the personality. This means that the personality isn’t something set in stone, isn’t of solid-state permanence.

In fact, it means quite the opposite—what the personality becomes in this case, is a set of combined self-definitions interacting with themselves.

We have to go beyond the personality. Go beyond the ideas we have regarding ourselves. This is where we find our true power and potential.

Transcend the personality, over and over until it becomes your habitual resting place, and you will find that your ability to shift, shape and mold becomes effortless in light of your true nature. The more we pierce these layers of personality, the deeper we go, the more effortless we find we become.

This is why we built the I Am Experience. So many programs try to keep you inside of the mind to “fix your mind.” But how HARD it is to truly shift when you don’t know that who you really are is INFINITE!

When you know you’re infinite, when you truly GINOSKO (Greek for intimately know, experientially know)… you are beyond. Beyond the personality, beyond the force, effort and struggle, beyond all limitation. 

And that is the very place that, in every desire, we are seeking to go. We are seeking to go beyond.

For more ground-breaking revelations like these, check out our flagship experiences, Bending Reality and the I Am Experience. It’s time to go deeper than ever before.

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