How To Unlock The “Effortless State” of Manifesting

I have something to admit:

I’m terrible with manifesting techniques. I’ve never been able to be consistent with them.

Don’t get me wrong, they can work. But I too quickly tire of using them—having to check my state, having to shift my state, having to repeat ad nauseam.

I tried to make them work. I really did. Until I hit a wall. I just couldn’t do it any longer.

Years of study—from the law of attraction, to metaphysics, to esoteric literature—had brought me to a place where I felt I knew everything, yet something was still missing.

I wanted it all to be… more automatic. More effortless. More natural.

Maybe you feel this way now.

What was I searching for, and why had I not found it?

I had only one thing left to do. I threw up my hands and surrendered.


I didn’t really see this coming. 

But the surrender I found myself in spawned a new sense of self-discovery.

I could feel what I was searching for was somewhere within. Somehow, it was deeper than anything I’d experienced before. 

And it was right here, almost within my grasp… I could feel it. I just had to lean in a little more…

I asked myself what I was searching for.

The source.

But source of what?



I thought about all the techniques I had been using, all the material I had spent years studying, all the effort I had been taking…

And then I had a vision:

It was almost as if my perspective suddenly zoomed out, momentarily revealing a “life flashing before my eyes” experience of sheer clarity.

These techniques were doing nothing but keeping me running in circles!

I realized this elusive “effortless state” I was searching for, this “source” I was searching for, this “missing piece” I was searching for, wasn’t a state at all.

It was at the center of all states. It was the power-center… the source.

And because it wasn’t a state, it could not be achieved by any technique. I had to go beyond.

In fact, all this focus on technique was exactly what was keeping me on this “hamster wheel”. Just like the diagram, circling and circling but never getting there. 

This was the “missing piece.”

Deep down, it was what I was really searching for. I had to get to that center.

So how do I get there?


I didn’t really know where I was headed. But so far, this line of questioning was taking me to interesting, and revealing, places.

So I continued. 

I was on a quest to find the source of my being.

As I peeled back layer upon layer of myself, what felt like a whole new dimension began opening up to me.

I began to feel more connected. I began to sense the oneness of everything around me.

I began to feel… free.

As I inched closer and closer to the center, the source of my being, peace and stillness began to overtake me. It was as if I was at the center of the universe, yet at the same time, beyond the universe. It’s hard to put into words.

There was a moment early on that I found myself laughing my own journey. How comical it was that I had thought I needed to “do” so much to have what I wanted…

This whole time, even though I didn’t realize it, I was at the very source of the universe itself, generating my experience moment by moment.

I was the universe stuck in its own dream. A strange loop. Only bound by one thing… my sense of identity.

Identifying as the human me, I generated my own self-limitations. The human is only as capable as the physical world he or she believes to be occupying.

But as I awakened to my center, my source, my identity naturally and effortlessly shifted to something so much greater… 


This is something one cannot put into words. But it’s the only way I can describe it.

And I’m the last person I would have expected to become an ardent spiritual seeker. Let alone find myself talking about it.

Yet, here I am, finding humor in my own naivety… this whole time, I was the very thing I had been searching for.

Silly me!


Now rooted at the center of my being, I turned my attention to creation. Technique no longer resonated with me. Study no longer resonated with me. I just felt so… complete.

It dawned on me that manifestation was no mystery. At least not the mystery we make it out to be…

I have a thought. Without resistance I accept it to be true. And it happens. That’s it.

The cosmic joke is that we are always at the power-center of manifestation, we just don’t realize it. We’re disillusioned by all this “doing,” all this technique.

Our very belief in technique is the only thing that creates our need for it.

In reality it’s so much more simple. And with simplicity comes power.

Through my intense and insatiable period of questioning, I had stumbled on the “effortless state.”

The place that exists outside of space and time, so no lack, limitation or resistance can touch me.

The place where, for lack of a better description, all desires are eternally fulfilled.

And with this realization, the place from which I am finally able to give my desires full permission to be fulfilled. In all their physical, material, glory.

What I stumbled upon is my own infinite nature.

And yours too.

That “next level,” that “effortless state,” that optimized mastery over your state of consciousness… it’s right here, right now. Yours for the taking.

You just have to get all the “other stuff” out of the way. 

I didn’t know it at the time, but the line of questioning I had found myself performing is called self-inquiry. It’s one of the oldest methods of self-discovery.

And I think what I discovered can help you too. Which is why I organized my process of self-inquiry into a 45-day program entitled the I Am Experience.

Can you get there without it? Of course, it’s your own true nature.

Will you benefit from it? Absolutely. It’ll get you there more quickly.

If you’re ready to finally end the search, and get there more quickly, we’d love to have you. Check out our flagship experiences, Bending Reality and the I Am Experience.

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