Mind Is Only a Limiter

Here’s something life-changing I discovered along my journey.

The mind, while it is a creative mechanism, is only a limiter.

If you observe the journey of a desire you will see…

A desire begins in your heart… as a feeling.

(Feeling is always centered in your heart-space)

Then it rises up to your mind for processing.

Your mind then creates all these associations about how this desire will affect your life, why it’s important, how you’re going to manifest it, etc.

The mind takes a feeling, which itself is infinite…

And limits it with thought, story and reason.

The mind is where we get ourselves into trouble.

I’ve spent a lot of time observing and deconstructing my desires.

And what I’ve discovered is that the mind is completely unnecessary.

The mind always creates pain, because through the mind we experience limitation of time and space.

Feeling on the other hand is limitless.

Once I realized this I devoted all of my time and effort into undoing the mind.

And what I noticed was this:

When my mind isn’t in the way, my desires flow like water.

Contrary to what many schools of thought teach, the mind is completely unnecessary.

Everything you will ever want is already pre-built into your feeling-space.

The mind is only baggage, constantly eclipsing your limitless potential.

So if you want to make it easy, don’t focus on developing the mind…

Focus on releasing it.

What you’ll find is that BEHIND the mind lies everything you’ve been searching for… and more.

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