Michael’s Manifestation Birthday Bundle


With over $1,000 worth of value, this specially curated package is designed to accelerate your growth and expand your consciousness, enabling you to create the life, business, and legacy you’ve always dreamed of. Dive into the depths of your being and emerge with newfound clarity, purpose, and joy.

I Am Experience

Bending Reality

A training and technology that activates the state of consciousness where all desires manifest on their own. #NoTechnique required.

Limitless Assumption: Neville Goddard Retreat

Get the recording and resources from our first ever 2-day Power of Awareness (Neville Goddard) online retreat.

Holiday RHOS Journal

Introducing an updated and optimized edition of our best-selling Reality Hacker OS journal. This journal and planner that will:

👉 Activate the Zero Density State, where all goals and desires manifest automatically
👉 Manifest magic every single day
👉 Turn your life into a game
👉 Ensure you never get stuck with how to manifest your desires
👉 Keep you accountable & on-track
👉 Show you how effortless manifesting can be

How does Reality Hacker OS work?

The Today template provides a framework to live your day with fun, ease and flow. You’ll choose a Quest, which will give you specific steps for optimizing your consciousness and action towards your goals. You’ll follow a process to activate the Zero Density State, where desires unfold automatically. You’ll log your tasks for the day, and capture any self-optimizations you discover. Once the day is complete, you’ll mark your Streak, which is a gamified feature that hacks your brain to stay on track and motivated. This, and much more!

Reality Hacker OS is a modular journal, meaning it allows for endless customization and expansion. We are soon launching the Upgrade Library, which will features dozens of journal add-ons. These will offer new ways to use the journal for specific goals and desires.

• Spiral bound
• 6″ x 9″ dimensions so you can carry the journal with you
• 233 pages
• 8 weeks of daily templates and weekly planning and review
• Bullet pages at the end of the journal

Success Essence

Add-on to the Reality Hacker OS manifesting journal—eradicates any possibility of failure, making success the only possible outcome to you.

Outcome Sequencer

"Inventory" add-on to the Reality Hacker OS manifesting journal—a magic ring that allows you to program the outcome of future events. Just set your sequence and watch it unfold.

Energy Forcefield

Add-on to the Reality Hacker OS manifesting journal—gives you a simple and fun framework for protecting you from outside energies and forces.

Alignment Engine: Flow

Unlock the Blueprint to a Soulful Empire: Your Complete Guide to Crafting, Igniting, and Skyrocketing a Service Business That's Both Spiritually Aligned and Financially Explosive





With over $1,000 worth of value, this specially curated package is designed to accelerate your growth and expand your consciousness, enabling you to create the life, business, and legacy you’ve always dreamed of. Dive into the depths of your being and emerge with newfound clarity, purpose, and joy.

The I Am Experience: Begin your transformative journey with this immersive program. Delve deep into your inner world, discover your true self, and emerge with a powerful sense of identity and purpose. The I Am Experience is more than just a course; it’s an awakening to your highest potential.

Bending Reality: Elevate your understanding of the universe and your place within it. This enlightening course offers advanced insights into creating your own reality, guiding you through the intricate dance of manifestation. Learn to navigate the realms of possibility with grace and intent.

RHOS Holiday Edition (plus 3 upgrades): Celebrate the season of reflection and joy with this special edition RHOS Gamified manifesting journal. Infused with the spirit of the holidays, it’s designed to help you align with the energy of renewal and gratitude, setting the stage for a year of abundance and success. Also receive 3 upgrades to immediately start taking your experience to the next level.

Alignment Engine; FLOW: Create your greatest consulting offer in 2024 with The Alignment Engine: Flow. Responsible for over 1 MILLION dollars in revenue, Alignment Engine: Flow is the only framework you’ll need to take your business to the next level.

Power Of Awareness Retreat: Retreat into serenity and expand your consciousness at our Power of Awareness Retreat. Over several days of immersive experiences, you’ll connect with like-minded individuals, engage in deep meditative practices, and learn techniques to maintain a heightened state of awareness and presence, and understand The Power Of Awareness by Neville Goddard like you’ve never understood before.

Source: Optimal Mind for iOS (3 Free Months): Continue your journey with a complimentary three-month subscription to Source: Optimal Mind. This cutting-edge app is designed to support your mental, emotional, and spiritual growth daily. Enjoy access to a library of resources, meditations, and tools that keep you aligned and inspired.

3 RHOS Upgrades: Get 3 RHOS Upgrades to immediately start using with your journal. Take your experience to the next level.

1 Coaching Call with the Reality Hacker Team: Get exclusive 1:1 access to a Reality Hacker coach to navigate current ebbs, flow and maximize your potential to step into your highest self.

Your path to holistic transformation and manifestation is here. The Birthday Manifestation Bundle is not just a gift; it’s a commitment to your continuous evolution and happiness. Join us, and let’s manifest a year of wonders together.

This bundle (and special pricing) leaves the store 1/1/24.


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