The Actionless State

Today’s quote is from Lester Levenson: 

“To achieve the actionless state, you begin by letting go of your ego more and more. You do this because under present conditions, you cannot do it totally. If you could, you would be fully realized.

But if you keep letting go of the ego, you will eventually drop it, and then you will be the witness rather than the doer. Does this make sense?

Be not the doer. Let it happen. It’s God’s world, whatever is happening, let Him do it!Still the question arises, “How do we get rid of problems?”

First, you must realize that the moment you say, “I have a problem,” you are stuck; you are making it real! You cannot get rid of the problem, because you are making it real. You have got it. This does not mean that when you have problems you should say, “There is no problem at all,” and the problem will vanish.

If you say, “There is no problem,” they won’t vanish because you’re saying, “There is no problem.” You are mentally holding the problem in mind and therefore sustaining it.

Instead, you must erase the problem from your mind. Let it go. Know that everything is perfect; then the problem becomes necessarily non-existent.

You see, life can be totally effortless. There is no effort in life whatsoever when we are being our natural Self. But we’re trying to be a limited ego and that takes effort. It takes effort to be limited when your natural state is unlimited. The more you try to be limited, the more effort it takes.

To be your unlimited Self takes no effort, just like the woman I talked about earlier. When she gets to the extreme, she lets go and everything straightens out — with no effort. When she tries and tries, things get worse and worse. But when she gives up and lets go, things resolve.

Still people ask, “Doesn’t she have to go out and look for a job? Doesn’t she have to go to an agent? She can’t just sit down and wait.”

And I say all she has to do is to let go and let God. Then, even if she has locked herself in a chamber somewhere, the things would have come to her.”

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