What If We’re Just Making It Harder Than It Is?

All this talk about conscious manifestation…

Techniques to “feel it real,” quantum jump, change state, raise your vibration…

What if we’re just making it a whole lot harder than it really is?

Think about it for a moment—

Before you knew about the law of attraction or metaphysics, you still manifested. It’s a process that, as long as you’re here in this body, is unavoidable. It’s how we exist on this physical plane.

Then you learned about the concept of conscious manifestation, and thought, “Hey, if I learn this, then I’ll be able to create more of what I want, faster.”

And so you studied. And practiced. And studied more. And practiced more.

All this effort, all this learning, to do something that you’ve always done. That you can never not do. That is completely, unquestionably, in your true nature.

Isn’t it a little crazy?

This isn’t to say you should judge yourself; we’ve all been there. Progress is a natural human desire, so of course we pursue growth.

But if we stop to think about this objectively, just for a moment, should we really need to learn how to do something we’ve always done, and can never not do?

If it is in our own true nature to constantly manifest our reality, is it not that we need to learn how to do it better, but unlearn what is leading us astray?

Wouldn’t that make more sense?

The more I examine my world and reality for what it is, for how it is created and why I am really here in this body creating it, the more I realize all this commotion about method and technique is the very problem we are trying so diligently to solve.

We do not need more method, more technique, or more anything—we need less. We need to simply allow life to do what it has always done.

Here’s the realization that changes everything:

Life does not need our interference.

What does this mean?

It means regardless of whether we think we are being deliberate in crafting and manifesting our desires, all we are really doing is paying more attention to what would happen anyway, without our involvement.

Think about it—do you really know the source of desire?

It occurs to you, you identify with wanting it, but do you really know from where it comes?

If you notice, desire occurs spontaneously. It just happens. And then you, perhaps mistakingly, take ownership over it.

Before you knew anything about the concept of manifestation, did desires not occur to you, and did many of them not manifest without a method or technique?

Of course they did. There is no other way.

And if you look back, did you not find yourself struggling the most when you were more involved in the “how” of your desires manifesting?

I bet you did.

So the realization here is that we do not need any more method or technique, we do not need to get better at anything, we simply need to get out of our own way.

We need to let life and nature happen as it happens, exist as it is.

I know, this is easier said than done. It’s not what we’ve been taught to believe. It seems counter-intuitive, borderline destructive.

Our greatest fear is that if we relinquish control, if we do not consciously manifest every desire that occurs to us, our life will go south faster than Elon’s Cybertruck.

But this is just not the case.

Desire occurs as a signal of what is to come, the sensed feeling that the process is already underway.

Read that again…

Desire occurs as a signal of what is to come, the sensed feeling that the process is already underway.

The only thing that is prohibiting this process from completing—on its own—is that we think we need to interfere. We think we need to “do” something about it.

As we explore in the I Am Experience, simple observation of how we exist and interact in the world yields the discovery that action and “doing” is an illusion.

Who and what we really are is consciousness, and the entire world (including our body) moves within this screen or stage of consciousness.

Our error is that we think we are a body living in an external world, and so we identify with the sense of movement, of doing, of planning, of desiring, and so on.

But as we step back and observe reality for what it is, without superimposing the concepts we have been taught to believe, we discover that is just not the case.

And this is what the masters, sages and yogis have been saying for ages:

The identification with desire, the attachment to desire, is our only source of suffering.

Before I lose you, bear with me for a moment—this idea is commonly misunderstood.

This does not mean that to be happy you must sell all your belongings and go live in a cave (however, it’s quite freeing to discover that once you find your true nature you’d be just as happy doing that).

This simply means that your error is in identifying with your desires. Let me explain.

Desire happens on its own. It manifests in the physical world on its own. It does not need your involvement, ever.

The minute you identify with a desire, claim it as your own, take ownership over its fulfillment, you create a vacuum of lack. And that sucks. It never feels good.

Once you identify with a desire, it becomes your self-imposed responsibility. You are instantaneously and solely responsible for its fulfillment, for taking action, for countless variables required for it to come into existence.

Multiply this by hundreds or thousands of desires we hold at any given time, and no wonder we are tied up in knots and miserable! We take on the weight of the world.

The truth is, you can let all that go. Just give all desire to consciousness. It knows how to work it all out. Take no responsibility for it.

As a desire occurs to you, as it will, allow it to exist. Just honor it as life pinging you with a notification that a new expression of creation is on its way. Like tracking an Amazon package to your door.

As you do this, you’ll find yourself feeling lighter, happier and more present.

It’ll feel as if the weight of the world has been lifted from your shoulders.

You’ll enjoy life as it happens, with peace, gratitude and inner harmony.

And you’ll find desires just start falling into your lap.

When you allow life to flow, when you take no ownership over “doing” (even letting go of the need to “think”), reality resolves itself into what you wanted it to be all along.

It’s like all the pieces of the puzzle begin falling into place.

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