What To Do When An Area Of Life Feels Stuck

When seeking growth, it’s easy to find yourself stuck.

Perhaps you’re trying to manifest improvement in your financial situation, but it never seems you can get ahead.

Or perhaps you’re trying to manifest that ideal relationship, but you always seem to attract the same type of person (the one you’re trying to grow out of).

Whatever it is, feeling “stuck” is an experience to which we all can relate.

So what gives? How can you get past this stuckness?

If you’ve read any of our articles, you probably expect me to go mystic or esoteric here….

Yes, consciousness is the only reality.

Yes, your state of consciousness creates physical reality.

Yes, persisting in your state will always produce the desired outcome.

But sometimes…

Simple action is the fastest way to get to where you’re wanting to go.

I’ve found, when one finds oneself stuck in a particular area of life, often the hidden cause is there is something physical left unresolved.

And so, while we try as we might to “right” ourselves in consciousness, physical reality just doesn’t budge.

I’ll give you an example:

Recently I was inquiring into why my conscious efforts to uplevel financial growth weren’t proving fruitful.

Specifically, one client had owed me 5-figures in payment for services I had completed months ago.

No matter what I tried, physically or spiritually, I just couldn’t get them to pay!

So I looked into where I might be blocked financially…

Taking inventory of all financial relationships in my life, I noticed a few instances of payments I personally owed.

I wasn’t necessarily late on these payments, but internally, in consciousness, I was holding out.

So I looked at where that was coming from… why hadn’t I paid these debts, as swiftly as I desired others to pay me?

The answer was clear—a feeling of lack.

Realizing my error, I immediately sent these payments. And then something interesting happened…

Within 24 hours the client who was months behind on payment, who always had an excuse as to why they couldn’t pay (or no response at all),

Emailed me with a notification that payment had been sent.

Just 24 hours! Wow!

Over the course of the next week, money began flowing to me in unexpected ways… from a number of unrelated sources…

And in just 7 days, after resolving about $1,000 I had owed… I attracted, without effort, over $15,000…

All from a simple act of resolution.

As this story shows, physical reality will always reflect our internal worlds.

And while I hadn’t realized it, a small feeling of lack that I had let go unnoticed, prevented me from taking the “right” action, which resulted in the blockage of an entire area of my life.

Sometimes, simple action is the fastest way to get to where you’re wanting to go…

And sometimes, taking that action frees up conscious energy, resistance, doubt and fear, allowing the universe to break its stuckness and effortlessly move toward your desired goal.

You can’t move toward abundance while still remaining in lack. 

So if you feel blocked, if a certain area of life seems stuck, take a look at where you might be acting from a place of lack… where you might be holding back….

And set yourself, and the world, right.

Right those, and life will shift on its own.

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