You Have No Choice In This

“You are an unlimited Being. You always were and you always will be, you have no choice in that. Your only choice is to identify with your unlimited Beingness, or to identify with your self imposed limitations.”

The cosmic joke.

We search and search for what we already are.

The irony?

We wouldn’t desire a thing if we weren’t already it.

As sentient beings, we have the innate desire to experience our true nature.

We believe we will have what we want through material possessions, or even experiences.

But are they ever enough? You tell me.

They aren’t. Desire never ends… until you realize what lies beyond.

That YOU are that infinite, unlimited quality you seek.

And that’s the journey. 

Life is a journey homeward.We are all on the path back to ourselves.

The ego doesn’t like this. It wants to believe that the world will supply it what it thinks it needs.

But when you get to that place that is beyond… you realize even the ego itself is an illusion.

All it ever was… was a thought.

You are the infinite Being holding onto the sense of limitation.

So what do we do? We surrender. We let go. We honor the search, then set it free.

And as this sense of limitation melts away… because it never really was anything to begin with…

You remain standing on the ground of your true nature.

Infinite. Whole. Eternal.

Relax into what lies beyond the world and you will see. 

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