The Fatal Problem With The Law Of Attraction

There’s a massive problem with the law of attraction.

A fatal flaw.

It’s not that the methods and techniques themselves do not work.

Yes, thoughts become things.

Imagination creates reality.

How you feel reflects what you manifest.

On a metaphysical level, all of these are true.

However, the problem lies a level deeper.

Why is it that one turns to the law of attraction in the first place?

What is that initial spark that draws them in?

It’s this:

The desire for control.

To have more of what we want, and less of what we don’t.

I’m no exception.

I was drawn to the law of attraction when my life was at its lowest point—

Nearly bedridden with chronic fatigue, riddled with circumstances I could not control, desperate for something to change.

After nothing physical would “fix” me, I turned to metaphysics.

And that helped. I was able to recover.

But after a couple years thereafter of applying the “law” to the rest of my life,

I once again found myself stuck. Discontent. Missing something more.

No matter how much I “manifested.”

What I realized was, the very thing that drew me to the law of attraction in the first place was the one thing that was keeping me enslaved.

This is what I discovered:

The desire for control keeps us on an endless hamster wheel of manifesting things to control.

In other words, my desire to be consciously (and constantly) manifesting things into my life was really a masked desire for control.

The more I manifested, the more I desired to manifest. 

The reason is simple—you get what you focus on.

And so, by focusing on control, that is exactly what I was getting—

More to control.

But what did I really want? Was it really control, or something deeper?

As I asked myself these questions, probing more deeply than ever before, I again had a realization:

My desire for control was really a desire to be free from control.

Great Scott!

What a revelation to have.

Did I really want more responsibility? No!

Did I really want the weight of the world on my shoulders? No!

What I was really seeking, what was really driving me to pursue more mastery over the law of attraction,

Was a desire to be free from control.

To not have to think about it.

What I really wanted was freedom.

But there was a problem:

My entire life was predicated on control—I mean, it’s necessary for basic survival, isn’t it?

So then, how might I escape the wheel of control? Is it even possible while in this human form?

It took me a few months to discover the answer.

I pondered. I searched. I experimented.

And finally I found it:

The need for control is an illusion.

It’s an absolute lie.

It’s simply a belief we’ve been handed, when we didn’t know any better.

Which was blindingly obvious to me as soon as I stopped trying to control long enough to look at it for what it was.

See, we only desire our true nature (if it’s unnatural we would not desire it);

And thus, because I was desiring freedom from control, it was simply my own true nature I was looking for.

But what happens when we let go of control? What will we find?

What’s so comical about this is the irony…

We fight so hard to maintain control, that we don’t realize it is this very fight that is creating the illusion of the need to control.

In other words, it is only our own belief in the need to control that sustains it.

If we would just stop interfering, we’d simultaneously be in control and be free from control.

The concept of control would just completely vanish from our vocabulary.

Here’s proof:

We’ve all had times in our lives when we find ourselves at our wit’s end with a particular circumstance…

And so, with nothing left to try, we throw up our hands and say, “That’s it, I can’t do this anymore, it is what it is…”

Then, almost magically, the circumstance resolves itself.

Maybe not the way you expected, but nonetheless a perfect resolution, resolving on its own.


Because the need for control is an illusion!

When we finally give up, let it go, we realize the very thing we were desiring would have happened on its own.

So then, if we don’t need to control every aspect of our life, what does this mean?

Simple. In the words American master Lester Levenson:

Just be yourself!

Ok, although true, maybe a little too vague at this point.

Here’s one that’s perhaps a little more clear:

“When you will be your Self there is no problem, there is nothing that will not fall into line perfectly, harmoniously, with no effort.”

Just be your infinite, limitless Self. And the rest will work itself out perfectly.

And with that, in the simplest way possible, the entire concept of control crumbles. Just completely vanishes. Out of mind, out of view.

But if we let go of controlling our desires, won’t our life grind to a halt? Isn’t that giving up on life?

Completely the opposite.

Your desires will happen anyway. Desire happens automatically, spontaneously.

But there will be one striking difference:

You won’t have to do anything for desire to manifest.

Being in tune with the universe, it will happen on its own, without you needing to control it.

Without the concept of control in your consciousness, all will happen automatically.

As if the entire series of events is orchestrated.

And all the while, you are sitting back, enjoying your life.

Peaceful. Happy. Free. 

Chuckling at how you used to exert all this control.

Sounds pretty appealing, doesn’t it?

So what’s stopping you?

Well, we all have decades (if not centuries) of beliefs to let go.

And letting go isn’t always the easiest. It’s simple, but not always easy.

Which is why we created this 45-day journey to expedite the process.

You don’t need it, but it will accelerate the process immensely.

It’ll show you exactly how to pinpoint and effortlessly release the beliefs that are holding you back.

So you can finally unlock the freedom and manifesting ease you’ve been looking for.

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